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September 01, 2009

Mixed Teams, Set Formats and Other Changes Accepted at FITA Congress

 The congress delegates accepted with strong majority important changes during the first day, including the mixed team event, a new format of competition with set plays and the hit-miss scoring for compound.


The world of archery took some major steps forward at the 48th FITA Congress in Ulsan, Korea on Aug. 30-31. As of April 1, 2010, the mixed team event that was introduced as exhibitions in 2009 will be official. This new competition teams up one man and one woman who shoot four ends of four arrows in a match.


Also, the archers will have to win three sets to win their matches. Each end of three arrows will count as a set. Of course, tie-breakers may still be needed.


The Congress also sent a clear message to give more identity to the compound division and differentiate their competitions. Compound means ultimate accuracy and the athletes will be able to prove it with the hit-miss scoring system. They will shoot at 50 meters with a very challenging hit zone. The set system will also apply. In order to give the team and archers time to adapt, the hit-miss will be first introduced in the World Cup next year but will only become official in world championships and major games, starting April 1, 2011.


World Archery has also given more time for the youth to develop. The cadets will now be able to shoot in this category until the year of their 17th birthday and juniors until their 20th birthday. This will help the transition to the true elite level and it is in line with the Youth Olympic Games. For practical reason, this new rule will apply as of Jan. 1, 2010.


The new World Archery logo has been officially presented to Congress.


All official decisions will be communicated later on in the official Congress minutes.

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