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November 05, 2013

JOAD and Adult Scoring Matrices Get New Look and Easy to Read Layout

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Archery is excited to announce a new look to the Scoring Matrices for the Adult Archery and Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Programs.

Thanks to USA Archery's Achievement Program, beginning, intermediate and advanced archers are rewarded for staying engaged in the sport of archery by setting and reaching new goals. Archers who are members of registered USA Archery JOAD and Adult Archery clubs enjoy the ability to earn achievement award pins (pictured above, at right) based on the scores they shoot at different distances.

The JOAD and Adult Archery Programs each have a Scoring Matrix for indoors and outdoors, which include barebow/basic compound, recurve, and compound divisions.  Matrices explain exactly how archers can earn awards through USA Archery's Achievement Program, and which awards they are eligible to receive.

Archers and club leaders can now reference Scoring Matrices with a new, more professional and easy-to-read layout, that have better quality graphics and improved ease-of-use.

View the new JOAD Scoring Matrices here.

 View the new Adult Archery Program Scoring Matrices here.

Additionally, adult archers and club leaders should note that the new name of the program targeted toward adults is the "Adult Archery Program" (formerly known as Adult Archery Achievement), which more clearly differentiates this developmental program from USA Archery's Achievement Program (which refers to the system of achievement awards noted above).

Per recommendations from USA Archery's Athletes Advisory Council, some Achievement Award scores for adults have also been updated to reflect realistic goals for athletes at different stages in their development as archers.  Please see below for a summary of the changes:


        Indoor Compound

o   Bronze Pin was 285-now 280

o   Silver Pin was 290-now 285

o   Gold Pin was 295-now 290

        Outdoor Compound

o   Bronze Pin 70M/122cm: was 320-now 330 

o   Silver Pin: 70M/122cm: was 330-now 340

o   Gold Pin: 70M/122cm:  was 340-now 345

o   Gold Pin: 50M/80cm: was 355-now 350

Questions? Contact Outreach Program Coordinator Jon Taylor: [email protected].

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