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July 05, 2015

Grand National Champion titles awarded to JOAD Archers

DECATUR, Alabama - Grand National Champion titles were awarded today at the conclusion of the Easton JOAD Nationals. These titles are awarded based on ranking in the qualification round, placement in elimination matches, and participation in team rounds.

The team rounds are a very special and fun event, mixing archers within their divisions to shoot together. This allows JOAD archers to make friends and gain valuable experience about team rounds; a great part of archery that Team USA has been particularly successful with in international competition.

Kyley and Taylor Kordick are sisters who shot against each other for gold in compound cub female team rounds. "It was pretty fun, I enjoyed it more than shooting against anyone else," shared Kyley. "We practice shooting against each other at home a lot, so we were used to it and that helped. This was our first time shooting team rounds but we've been practicing 720 rounds and elimination matches a lot," added Taylor. "Our favorite part of coming here is getting to meet a lot of people because everyone is so nice."

Waylon Hjerpe won the Grand National Champion title for recurve bowmen men: "It was a lot of fun. My coach convinced me to come out here because it would be good for me. To train for this I shot a lot more arrows than I usually do, but I shoot every day."

Kevin D. Clayton, Grand National Champion for compound cadet men, was very excited about the win: "I've been shooting for about six years. I shot a lot more in the wind to get ready for this weekend. When I was shooting that final match I was thinking. Whatever was going to happen was going to happen so I just did my best." To young archers Kevin says: "just have fun with it, the more fun you have the better you will do."

Congratulations to all of our Grand National Champions:

  • Elliot Cho - Recurve Junior Male
  • Eliana Claps - Recurve Junior Female
  • Ryan Oliver - Recurve Cadet Male
  • Suzanna Sim - Recurve Cadet Female
  • Devin Oblander - Recurve Cub Male
  • Elizabeth Lee - Recurve Cub Female
  • Waylon Hjerpe - Recurve Bowmen Male
  • Somin Ahn - Recurve Bowmen Female
  • Kolby Hanley - Compound Junior Male
  • Allie Blazek - Compound Junior Female
  • Kevin D. Clayton - Compound Cadet Male
  • Breanna Theodore - Compound Cadet Female
  • Blaze Ruffing - Compound Cub Male
  • Hailey Johnson - Compound Cub Female
  • Camden Neville - Compound Bowmen Male
  • Jessarae Klatt - Compound Bowmen Female
  • Geoffrey Allen - Barebow Cadet Male
  • Sara Couch - Barebow Cadet Female
  • William Watson -Barebow Cub Male
  • Megan Frierich - Barebow Cub Female
  • Bryce Wilfert - Barebow Bowmen Male
  • Laura Hughes - Barebow Bowmen Female

For complete results from Easton JOAD Nationals, click here. For more updates from the field, follow USA Archery on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

*Our sincerest apologies to Camden Neville for the error.

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