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March 08, 2009

Four Gold and a Silver in Team Rounds at Indoor World Championships

Perfect 240 world record and 4 team gold medals for otherworldly Americans!

Rzeszow (POL) - 8 March 2009

USA Team Results Summary:

Recurve Men GOLD - Brady Ellison, Vic Wunderle, Staten Holmes

Compound Men GOLD - Chance Beaubouef, Jesse Broadwater, Braden Gellenthien

Compound Women GOLD - Mary (Zorn) Hamm, Holly Larson, Erika Anschutz

Jr. Compound Men SILVER - Garrett Abernethy, Ben Cleland, Kristofer Schaff

Jr. Compound Women GOLD - Sarah Lance, Kendal Nicely, Samantha Pruitte

All team finals of the Indoor World Championships 2009 took place on Sunday 8 March at the Sports Arena of Rzeszow (POL). The US team supplemented their bumper harvest of medals and records in this event with an amazing world record. In the team compound men's final, BEAUBOUEF, BROADWATER and GELLENTHIENreached the perfect score of 240 points! The team world champions are the United States (4), Italy (2), Ukraine (1) and Poland (1).  

Recurve Men In the bronze medal match, the young Mexicans SERRANO, LASTRA and VELEZ SANCHEZ started the match with six perfect 10s and took a substantial 5-point lead, 60-55. At the beginning of the second end, SERRANO got a yellow card by the judge, because he stepped on the shooting line too early (before the clock started). In this end, it was the British's turn to shoot six perfect arrows. They recaptured two points from their opponents and only trailed by 3 at the halfway mark (115-118).   PEART, TERRY and WILLS then shot four 10s and two 9s for a provisional total of 173. With five 10s and a 9, their contenders from Mexico increased their lead again to 4 points with a 177 score. The Olympian SERRANO showed his teammates the way shooting two 10s in the last end. With a very good score of 236 (only two points below the world record set at 238 by Ukraine in 2007), the Mexicans took the bronze medal home!   The gold final put together Team USA, seeded no. 2, and Italy, no. 4. Very bad start for Italy with FRANGILLI and NESPOLI shooting two 8s at their team's first and third arrows! After the first end, the Italians already trailed by 4 points, 55-59.   The two teams then shot the same 58-point second series of six arrows and the American 4-point advantage remained at 117-113. Then, Italy and USA shot the three 10s and three 9s each, the Americans thus keeping their 4-point lead at 174-170. With an 8 in the last end, Italy lost all chances to recover and let the world title go to ELLISON, HOLMES and three-time Olympian WUNDERLE from USA.    

Recurve Women Shooting for bronze, with a 6 at the sixth arrow, DOBRYEVA (UKR) put her own team 4 points behind after the first end, 52-56. However, the Ukrainians quickly regained composure and scored five 10s and a 9 in the second end. Their opponents from Russia, ERDYNIYEVA, OBODOEVA and PEROVA, scored the same series to keep their 4-point lead, 115-111.   The third end saw Ukraine come back to 1 point (169-170) after the Russian PEROVA scored an 8 at her team's ninth arrow. Ukraine's 55 points in the very last end was not enough to pass through Russia who clinched the bronze medal by 227-225.   The gold medal match was as expected between the two top seeded teams, Germany and Italy! With two 8s by VALEEVA and TONETTA in the first end, the Italian team trailed by 2 points after six arrows (55-57). The Germans WINTER and RICHTER also shot an 8 each at their team's tenth and twelfth arrows and the score was tied at the halfway mark, 110-110.   The Italian team produced an effort in the third end with five 10s and a 9 to take a 2-point lead (169-167) with only six arrows to go. The last end did not change anything to the story, and VALEEVA, TONETTA and LIONETTI became the new team world champions!  

Compound Men In the bronze medal match, Spain and France stayed close to each other after the first end, with a very short 1-point difference in favour of the French, 58-57. The lead went to Spain's side after 12 arrows, RODRIGUEZ, CATALAN and CANALEJAS scoring five 10s and a 9 for a provisional score of 116-114.   Thanks to a superb third end with six perfect arrows, DELOCHE, GENET and BRASSEUR managed to take the lead back from their opponents. The French were ahead of the Spanish with only one end to go (174-172). RODRIGUEZ and teammates threatened their opponents in the last end. However, the French team could manage to keep a short 1-point advantage after the 24 arrows of the match to clinch the bronze medal on the final score of 231-230.   Seeded no. 1, team USA took a superb start with six 10s! With 60 points, BEAUBOUEF, BROADWATER and GELLENTHIEN were already 4 points ahead after the first six arrows. Their opponents from Great Britain, RIKUNENKO, BINGHAM and BUSBY, although shooting only four 10s in the second end, were overwhelmed by USA's superiority. The Americans repeated their first series, adding 60 additional points for a perfect 120 provisional grand total.   The level became very high with the two teams shooting a 60-point third end each! With a perfect score so far, the Americans could still beat their own world record of 239 set at the 2007 Indoor World Championships, but for that, they needed to shoot a fourth perfect end...   What a performance by the Americans! They did it! Perfect 240-point match for BEAUBOUEF, BROADWATER and GELLENTHIEN! Nothing to do for the British who clinched the silver medal with 232 points...  

Compound Women The two teams shooting for bronze Italy and Russia had a very close start. The Italians got a 1-point advantage after the first end, 58-57. SALVI, LONGO and SOLATO kept it in the second end when both teams shot 57 points.   Russia started the third end with another 57 points. However, an average of 9.5 points per arrow is not enough at this level and Italy increased the gap to 2 points. A fourth 57-point end for Russia did not allow them to come back at the end, despite three last 9s from Italy. SALVI, LONGO and SOLATO won the bronze!   The team USA started the gold final as the no. 1 seed. They also set a new world record with 236 points in quarterfinal. After six arrows, LARSON, ANSCHUTZ and HAMM led by 2 points, 58-54, against the British ladies BINGHAM, HOLDERNESS and HUNT.   In the second end, five 9s by Great Britain allowed the USA to increase their lead to 5 points at 116-111. The difference between the two team remained with only six arrows to go, after they both scored three 10s and three 9s in the third end (174-169 in favour of USA). The US team of LARSON, ANSCHUTZ and HAMM finally increased their lead even more in the last end with four 10s and two 9s for a victory and world title!    

Recurve Junior Men Exciting bronze medal match between Germany (no. 5) and Italy (no. 2)! The lead went from Italy in the first and two ends (57-55 and 112-111) to Germany after the third end (168-167).   The two teams did not seem inclined to let the bronze medal go, and they were tied after the 24 arrows of the match. In the shoot-off, however, the third shooter of Germany released an 8, thus offering victory to Italy.   Ukraine started the gold final as the no. 1 seed, whereas Chinese Taipei was no. 3. The Asian youngsters defeated no. 2 Italy in the semi-finals 226-223. MARCHENKO, KOMONYUK and IVANYTSKYY played their role as favourites starting with 59 points after six arrows and took the lead 59-55. With four 10s and two 9s, the Ukrainians added one more point to their advantage (117-112), after their opponents from Chinese Taipei shot three times 10 and three times 9.   Despite consistent shooting (two 10s and four 9s), KAO, PENG and YU were helpless in front of Ukraine's superiority. MARCHENKO and teammates even improved their shooting with five 10s and a 9 to lead 176-168 before the last end. The world title was destined for the Ukrainians who tied their own world record with 233 points!  

Recurve Junior Women The no. 1 seed team Ukraine recovered from yesterday's disappointment (they lost to no. 4 seed Poland in semi-final) clinching the bronze medal against Chinese Taipei (3). The first half of the match was tight: 56-55 and 114-113 in favour of Ukraine. But DUBAS, SICHENIKOVA and ZAKHARCHENKO made their effort in the second part of the match taking a 5-point lead before the last end (172-167) and finishing on a 4-point victory (228-224).   Shooting at home for gold and seeded no. 4, the Polish girls took a fantastic start with 58 points out of a possible 60. With 54, their opponents from Russia (no. 2) trailed by 4 points after six arrows (54-58). SEGINEVA, DOBYCHINA and BOMVOEVA seemed overwhelmed by what was at stakes and shot an 8 in the second end. With 109 points at the halfway mark, the Russians were 7 points behind Poland's 116 points.   With a little bit of luck, the next six arrows of WYCZECHOWSKA, KAMINSKA and BARAKONSKA caught the line and they increased their lead to 8 point, 172-164. Their opponents from Russia did not believe in their good chances any longer, and with two 7 in the last end, they left the gold medal and world title to the host country, Poland.  

Compound Junior Men The Spaniards AGUADO, ALVAREZ and VALVERDE took an early lead (57-54 and 114-110) in the bronze final. The Turkish COSKUN, OZBOSTANCI and USENMEZ came back to 2 points (168-170) before the last end, but they lost their footing in the last end, leaving the bronze medal go into Spain's hands, 223-228.   Shooting for gold, the Italians FANTI, DI BENEDETTO and POLIDORI took a strong start with five 10s and a 9. With 59 points, they took the lead by 1 point over the Americans with 58. Italy kept on the same elevated rhythm with another 59 end to double their advantage (118-116). The US team, made up with ABERNETHY, CLELAND and SCHAFF, shot the exact same end as the previous one.   The third end turned in the favour of the Americans who shot a six perfect 10s. This fantastic performance allowed them to tie the match at 176-176 after the Italians shot 58. The two teams finished with four 10s and two 9 and remained tied (234-234). Shoot-off needed to decide on the new world champions! With three 10s in the shoot-off, FANTI, DI BENEDETTO and POLIDORI became world champions!    

Compound Junior Women The Italian team took an early lead in the bronze medal match, 57-46 after the first six arrows. The score was then 112-101 and 169-154. The Italians BOGGIATTO, CAVALLERI and FRASSON defeated the local archers MACHAJSKA, OLESEK and SZALANSKA on the score of 224-208 to clinch the bronze medal.   The Russian team, with ARTEMOVA, KORBEYNIKOVA and ARTEMOVA took a 1-point lead after the first end of the gold final, 57-56. The Americans and the Russians shot the same score in the second end with three 10s and three 9s. The Russian 1-point advantage remained, 114-113.   However, PRUITTE, LANCE and NICELY benefited from an 8 by ARTEMOVA to recover and tie before the last six arrows (169-169). The Americans had found their rhythm. They finished the match with five 10s and a 9 and clinched the world title on the final score of 228-226.  

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