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November 21, 2009

FITA Council Moves Forward with Congress Decisions

FITA Council Moves Forward with Congress Decisions










Lausanne - 19 November 2009   The FITA Council made the following decisions during its meeting in Rome on 7-8 November:    

1)    Election of the host cities for the 2011-2013 World Archery Championships   The 2011 World Archery Youth Championships were awarded to Legnica, Poland.   The 2011 World Para-Archery Championships will be hosted by Torino, Italy in conjunction with the World Archery Championships (pending finalisation of schedule and details).   The 2012 World Archery Field Championships will be hosted by Val d'Is�re, France (pending the evaluation visit and the finalisation of the bid).   The 2013 World Archery Championships and FITA Congress will be held in Antalya, Turkey.  

2)    Olympic & Paralympic Qualification System   FITA adopted the draft Olympic and Paralympic Qualification System. The system will now be proposed for approval to the IOC who should publish it by April 2010. The main change is that there will be a fixed number of 12 teams, of which 3 will be up for qualification in 2012. The Paralympic system will be very similar from the Olympic system and will no longer be based on scores but on the matchplay results.  

3)    Calendar and rounds to be shot in Archery World Cup 2010-2012   Following the decisions of Congress and in discussion with the Events Department the FITA Council announced the rounds that will be shot in the Archery World Cups in the season 2010-2012 (for all the details about the World Cup stages, click here). In 2012 there will be only 3 qualifying stages of the Archery World Cup as a result of the Olympics taking place in Europe in August. All 3 results will count for the ranking.  

4)    Bylaws & new rule book   The bylaws implementing the decisions of Congress were adopted by Council. In particular these refer to the hit or miss target for the Compound Round, the set systems for the Compound and Olympic Round. The decision was made by Council not to have the set system for Teams at this moment since this was not explicitly proposed to Congress and too much uncertainty would be given to the timing of such matches. Based on the evaluation of the individual rounds this will be further investigated by Council in the future. The bylaw imposing certain restrictions on hats was removed. A policy on the spectators was not accepted as bylaw but will be included as part of the organisers manual and will be implemented by spectator services and sport presentation.   

5)    Budget 2010-2012 & Financial policies   The budget was approved for 2010-2012. The financial policies proposed by the new Finance & Audit Board were approved.   

6)    Philippines Federation   FITA Council approved the proposal by the Philippines Olympic Committee to withdraw the recognition of the current Member Association and to accept the newly created association as soon as it is recognised by the Philippines Olympic Committee. This should end the discussions on the regular office bearers of this association.  

7)    World Archery Indoor Challenge   Council was informed of the newly created World Archery Indoor Challenge which will be promoted by FITA in cooperation with the two events in Nimes and Las Vegas.     

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