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January 04, 2013

Emily and Chris Bee Are Standouts in NASP and JOAD

Emily and Chris Bee are a brother and sister archery duo who are setting the target archery world on fire. Chris and Emily finished first in the U.S. Archery Team rankings for the Cadet division. They compete in both Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) and the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP), and are proof that athletes can compete in both NASP and JOAD, and enjoy the great benefits of both programs!


How - and when - did you get your start in archery?


Emily: My dad is a bow hunter. I have a younger brother and he started shooting the local JOAD program, I always had to go along so I also joined. I started JOAD when I was seven.


Chris: When I was six years old my dad and I would shoot 3D targets in the yard.


Tell us about your first major achievement in the sport - when was the moment you knew you could be great at archery?


Chris: I shot my first state tournament and placed 3rd and thought I could succeed at this sport.


Emily: My first outdoor national tournament in Pennsylvania, I shot very well for myself, and as I looked at everyone's scores, I was not too far behind. I knew if I practiced a little more I could be placing at these tournaments. I knew then that I wanted to work for being nationally placed.


As you have become successful in archery, who are some of your mentors or heroes in the sport? What have they taught you, whether personally or by example?


Emily: My parents have been a great influence, and will always be my heroes because of the way they have helped me become so successful with the sport.  I have had many coaches as I have grown. This past year, Jim Morrow has helped me significantly. I have seen great improvement in my shooting through the season because of his help. Also, my varsity coach, Rob Jellison, has helped my team and I become champions. We have had many successful archers in NASP because of his help. 


Chris: My parents have been there for me always during my archery career.


Tell us about your current equipment setup.


Chris: I have a Hoyt contender Elite, fuse stabilizer, AAE rest, Easton arrows, Tru ball releases and BCY strings.


Emily: Target archery: Hoyt Contender Elite, Sure-Loc sight, Carter release, Fuse blades (stabilizer), AAE rest, Easton arrows

NASP: Genesis, Standard Genesis arrows


Any lessons you've learned from this past season?


Emily: A major lesson would be having a strong mental game. Also my last shots are just as important as my first.


Chris: The main lesson I have learned in this past season was to focus on one arrow at a time and don't focus on score.


Outside of archery, what do you love to do?


 Chris: I love to hunt as much as I love to shoot archery.


Emily: I like to go hunting with my dad.


Youth archery is growing very quickly! What advice would you give to young archers who are becoming more serious about the sport?


Emily: Never forget to have fun!


Chris: I would recommend always keeping the fun in archery and always showing good sportsmanship.


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