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September 01, 2012

Denton and Stutzman Through to Paralympic Quarterfinals

London, United Kingdom - Four members of Team USA took to the field in today's 1/16th and 1/8th elimination rounds.  


Dugie Denton (Joliet, Mont.) and Matt Stutzman (Fairfield, Iowa) continued their strong shooting from the ranking round, but both were tested in the 1/8 round with difficult matches. Denton shot against Kevin Evans (CAN), who gave Denton a run for his money. After two sets Evans had a 4-0 lead over Denton. Denton then went on a 6-0 run to win the match 6-4.


Stutzman, top-seeded shooter in the ranking round, shot against Czech Republic's Jiri Klich in the 1/8 round. Klich took an early 4-0 lead. Stutzman won the third set and tied the fourth, bringing the score to 3-5 with Klich still leading. Stutzman had to win the final set to force a shoot-off, and took the last end with a score of 29-22. In the shoot off Klich shot a 7 and Stutzman shot a 9 to clinch the win. 


In men compound W1, Jerry Shields (Jacksonville, Fla.), ranked tenth, had a difficult match versus hometown favorite John Cavanagh (GBR). Cavanagh took the match 7-1. Shields, in his first Paralympic appearance for Team USA, made a strong showing despite a tough loss in the 1/8 bracket.


Russell Wolfe (Widnoon, Pa.) shot against thirteenth-ranked Johan Wildeboer (NED) in the 1/16 round. Wolfe shot a stunning match, upsetting Wildeboer 6-0. In the 1/8 round Wolfe shot against the fourth-seeded archer, Oscar de Pellegrin (ITA). De Pellegrin won the match and stopped Wolfe with a score of 6-0.


Tomorrow, Team USA fans look forward to seeing Eric Bennett, Lee Ford and three time Paralympian Jeff Fabry make their entrances into individual competition at the 2012 Paralympic Games. 


For complete standings for all athletes, as well as elimination round brackets, click here. Photos, athlete updates and more are available on USA Archery's Facebook page. USA Archery is tweeting live updates throughout the event, on London time.

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