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November 06, 2009

Braun's Skit on Jay Leno Show a Ten

On Thursday, Nov. 5, U.S. Olympic Archery hopeful Kristin Braun (Palos Verdes, Calif.) participated in a skit on NBC's Jay Leno Show. The skit titled, "Earn Your Plug," was to see if Braun could make guest Wanda Sykes flinch, as well as Leno too.

Braun was set up from about 30 feet from a thick piece of bullet proof piece of glass. Behind the glass and the etched target was Sykes. Leno teased the piece up. The challenge was would Wanda Sykes flinch when Braun shot an arrow at the glass.

"The glass is the same that is used to protect the President," said Braun. "I had a really great experience. I wasn't nervous. I was more excited than anything else."

After Wanda flinched, she got out from behind the glass and told Leno to step behind for a try. In typical stoic behavior from Leno - he stood tall with just a blink of the eyes.

"I did not have a chance to talk with Jay as he was busy doing promotions and getting ready for the show," Braun said.

During the day in getting ready, Braun was able to spend time with the producers, special effects people and stage hands. She was able to chat with Sykes as well prior to making her national TV appearance.

"I brought some targets with me to set up if people wanted to try archery but we did not have time," Braun said. "Wanda is hilarious. I was just glad to be on the show and be a part of something that fun. I did get to chat with Wanda a little bit. She pulled back the bow with some help behind stage."

When asked about participating again with a late night host her comment was one word. "Absolutely," said Braun.

In the case you missed last night's episode, click here.


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