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September 28, 2016

25th Biannual World Archery Field Championships Kick Off in Dublin

DUBLIN, Ireland - The 25th installment of the World Archery Field Championships began scoring today with a record 307 archers competing at 24 targets of unmarked distances. Of the 307, 35 archers are representing the U.S. in the recurve, compound, and barebow divisions. 

The World Archery Field Championships consists of qualification over two days - tomorrow the archers will shoot at another 24 targets, but at marked or known distances. At each set of the 24 targets, archers shoot three arrows for a maximum of 432 points each day, 864 total. The top sixteen archers in each division advance to individual eliminations this Friday. The top eight will continue to the second round and only four will make it to the finals this weekend.

The individual finals will take place Sunday after team finals on Saturday. The team competition is very unique in field archery - teams are comprised of one archer from each division: one compound, one recurve, one barebow.

After qualification at the unmarked distances today, reigning champions from 2014 Brady Ellison and Miriam Trafford sit in first for the recurve senior men and recurve junior women respectively. Jesse Broadwater, who was the compound senior men's champion in 2014 is sitting in 4th after today, just behind Dave Cousins, 1st, and Steve Anderson, 3rd.

Jamie Van Natta is leading the compound senior women while many other U.S. archers are currently sitting in the top five: Anna Miscione is currently 5th for the recurve junior women, Eliiah Hughes is 4th for the compound junior men, Sophia Strachan is 2nd for the compound junior women, and Savannah Vanderwier is tied for 4th in the same division.

In the barebow brackets, John Demmer III leads the U.S. senior men and is currently seeded 3rd while junior women Abigail Weir and Laura Hughes are 3rd and 5th respectively and Mark Shlaudraff is sitting in 5th for the junior men.

For complete results and current standings for all U.S. archers, visit The finals this weekend will be live streamed at

Some information attributed to World Archery Communication.

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