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March 01, 2011

2012 United States Archery Team (USAT) Selection Procedures Clarified

The 2012 USAT Selection Procedures have been recently clarified on the USA Archery website.  There are a specific clarifications I would like to address following USA Archery's recent seminar at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas. 


During the past year USA Archery has increased the number of archers able to qualify for National Teams.  With this increase in archers, we want to be consistent in the way we refer to members of our National Teams.

As you will remember, USA Archery incorporated the Para Archery program in January of 2010. We are proud to announce that athletes who qualify for the Para Archery National Team will be called the Para United States Archery Team (Para USAT).  Para archers will be named to the team based on minimum qualification scores shot during ranking rounds of registered Star FITA events. 

Beginning this year, USA Archery also allowed for an additional allocation of National Team spots for Cadet archers on the USAT, increasing Cadet spots in each category from one to five.  With this expansion, we felt it was necessary to create a separate national team for Cadet archers.  For the sake of consistency in the naming of our National Teams, this team will be called the Cadet USAT.

With these new changes and additions USA Archery will now have four National Teams:
(Press on the National Team to be lnked directly to the Selection Procedures.)






There has been some misinformation printed and stated in previous communications concerning National Team Selection Procedures.  I would like to take a moment to highlight how archers qualify for each of the four National Teams. 


Voted on by the Board of Directors during the Board Meeting in January, any archer who is a USA Archery Member will receive a ranking for the four National Teams.  For the athlete to be nominated to one of the four National Teams the athlete must be a U.S. Citizen.


ALL archers, who are U.S. Citizens, and who compete as a Cadet in 2011 (born in 1994 or later) can earn placement on the 2012 Cadet USAT.  Archers must compete in three USAT Qualifier Series events as a Cadet to earn rankings for the 2012 Cadet USAT.


Archers are able to compete in the Junior division in 2011 if they are born in 1991 or later.  Junior archers, who are U.S. Citizens, born in 1992 or later are eligible to earn placement on the 2012 Junior USAT.  Junior archers born in 1991 will not be able to earn 2012 Junior USAT placement as the Junior archers age out in 2012 and are able to earn ranking for the 2012 USAT as a Senior.  Archers must compete in three USAT Qualifier Series events as a Junior to earn rankings for the 2012 Junior USAT.


Archers, who are U.S. Citizens, are able to qualify for Para USAT by competing in their appropriate classification, regardless of age.  Archers must be classified by a Paralympic Classifier and meet a Minimum Qualifying Score to be named to the Para USAT. 


The 2012 USAT will be named based on final rankings of the winners of the three National Championships (Indoor, Field and Target) and the National Ranking System (NRS).  The NRS will combine together Junior and Senior categories, and archers will earn Event Placement Points, which will be earned as outlined in the NRS Document (Click Here).  All USAA members will receive a ranking in the NRS.  The top eight archers from the NRS and the three national champions, who are U.S. Citizens, will be named to the 2012 USAT. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  Best of luck to you in 2011!

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