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October 11, 2019

USA Archery Congratulates Achievement Award Winners

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – USA Archery’s Achievement Award Program is designed to celebrate the accomplishments of archers of all ages and abilities as they progress in the sport from the most beginner to incredibly advanced levels of success. The JOAD Olympian and Adult Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards mark the highest of those achievements and USA Archery is proud to congratulate the following archers on their recent achievements.

These awards are part of the USA Archery Achievement Program, which provides achievement award pins for progressive scoring achievements, and encourages youth and adult archers to accomplish goals in the sport of archery.

12 year old Hatley Hetletved of North Dakota earned her compound outdoor silver and gold Olympian Awards recently and shared: “It was a great milestone for my archery to get my Silver and Gold and what makes it better is that it was at one of my favorite USA sanctioned shoots—the Voyageur Cup. It was challenging to obtain the Olympians. This year’s outdoor has definitely taught me about the wind!  Accepting your shots were good and sometimes mother nature helps its landing. I have a lot of gratitude after earning these high standards.”

On the Achievement Award program, Hatley added: “The achievement awards are good.  I like that people in my JOAD can earn pins by working and improving even if they don’t travel nationally like I do.  It’s important to have goals to reach.”

In addition to a certificate and pin, Bronze JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a backpack, Silver JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a lightweight jacket, and Gold JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a belt buckle. 

Archers wishing to shoot for these awards must be current youth, adult, or family members of USA Archery and part of a registered USA Archery JOAD or Adult club.

Congratulations to our JOAD Achievement Award winners:

Stasia Sturdivant Barebow Bronze Indoor
Grace Crème Barebow Bronze Indoor
Nathanael Cartwright Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Karly Mayo  Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Payne Garrett Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Brendan Fuller Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Maggie Brensinger Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Srihith Gangireddygari Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Gavin Ralston Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Helen Carle Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Connor Bechen Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Logan Wamsley Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Dimitrios Tsoupeli Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Kylie Estochen Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Max Rossiter Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Grant Tade Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Elizabeth Lykins Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Abby Bartlett Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Jamie DiGiacomo Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Abigail Kovats Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Jacie Behlings Basic Compound Bronze Outdoor
Madilyn Smith Compound Bronze Indoor
Ryan Booth Compound Bronze Indoor
Madison Rubio Compound Bronze Indoor
Sara Barnes Compound Bronze Indoor
Darby French Compound Bronze Indoor
Wyatt Ridgeway Compound Bronze Indoor
Hannah Caoette Compound Bronze Indoor
Nicholas Petri Compound Bronze Indoor
Ethan McGovern Compound Bronze Indoor
Lake Aldridge Compound Bronze Indoor
Jaylen Napolitano Compound Bronze Indoor
Elisa Keller Compound Bronze Indoor
Joey Williams Compound Bronze Indoor
Natalie Wince Compound Bronze Indoor
Xander Coonis Compound Bronze Indoor
Allen Alihodzic Compound Bronze Indoor
Jeffrey Johns Compound Bronze Indoor
Julia Cook  Compound Bronze Outdoor
Duncan Totton Compound Bronze Outdoor
Allen Alihodzic Compound Bronze Outdoor
Rigo Martinez Compound Bronze Outdoor
Hunter Stanfield Compound Bronze Outdoor
Andrew Xie Compound Bronze Outdoor
Nazhruddin Macalandong Compound Bronze Outdoor
Madelyn Adams Compound Bronze Outdoor
Hunter Stevens Compound Bronze Outdoor
Sebastian Kazakov Compound Bronze Outdoor
Valarie Knutson Compound Bronze Outdoor
Halie Stucker Compound Bronze Outdoor
Nicole Morris Compound Bronze Outdoor
Rubie Chambers Compound Bronze Outdoor
Elisa Keller Compound Bronze Outdoor
Emily Burch Compound Bronze Outdoor
Zachary Rebstock Compound Bronze Outdoor
Alex Anderson Compound Bronze Outdoor
Catherine Smith Compound Bronze Outdoor
Kyle Merrill Compound Bronze Outdoor
Ian Underwood Compound Bronze Outdoor
Madison Wood Compound Bronze Outdoor
Kyler Grissom Compound Bronze Outdoor
Brooke Sears Compound Bronze Outdoor
Aubrey Farester Compound Bronze Outdoor
McKenzie Woods Compound Bronze Outdoor
Lucas Morgan Compound Bronze Outdoor
Noah Breen Compound Bronze Outdoor
Aiden Jones Compound Bronze Outdoor
Kristopher Morgan Compound Bronze Outdoor
Brycen Epperson Compound Bronze Outdoor
Craig Kline Compound Bronze Outdoor
Evan McDonough Compound Bronze Outdoor
Hunter Garrison Compound Bronze Outdoor
Jocelyn Widrig Compound Bronze Outdoor
Savannah Shermo Compound Bronze Outdoor
Zoie Thompson Compound Bronze Outdoor
Maggie McGaulley Compound Bronze Outdoor
Hannah Kleine Compound Bronze Outdoor
Ben DiPasquo Compound Bronze Outdoor
Madison Moore Compound Bronze Outdoor
Madison Sitterlee Compound Bronze Outdoor
Stacy West Compound Bronze Outdoor
Callidora Muonio Compound Bronze Outdoor
Jack Chen Compound Bronze Outdoor
Hayden Mitchell Compound Bronze Outdoor
Matthew Gildenhuys Compound Bronze Outdoor
Catherine Lopez Compound Bronze Outdoor
Sophie Sutton Compound Bronze Outdoor
Olivia Snell Compound Bronze Outdoor
Samantha Lum Recurve Bronze Indoor
Andrew Letsche Recurve Bronze Indoor
Emma Kim Recurve Bronze Indoor
Gabriel Anderson Recurve Bronze Indoor
Alex Lopez Recurve Bronze Indoor
Philip Case Recurve Bronze Indoor
Brianna Laux  Recurve Bronze Indoor
Andrew Roland Recurve Bronze Indoor
Andrew Yoo Recurve Bronze Indoor
Hana Huang Recurve Bronze Indoor
Timothy Smith Recurve Bronze Indoor
Hannah Flores Recurve Bronze Indoor
Tessa Breglio Recurve Bronze Indoor
Aditya Tejwani Recurve Bronze Indoor
Carter Merchant Recurve Bronze Indoor
Reed Burkhardt Recurve Bronze Indoor
Jackson Commins Recurve Bronze Indoor
Max Brazsky Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Austin Harris Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Nazhruddin Macalandong Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Maya Miller Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Jordan Fong Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Ceridwyn Salyers Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Yash Mishra  Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Hannah Welts Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Nathanael Cartwright Barebow Silver Outdoor
Hayden Bradley Barebow Silver Outdoor
Audrey Smith  Barebow Silver Outdoor
Timothy Smith Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Stefan Savin Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Andrew Yoo Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Whitney Williams Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Casey Card Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Samantha Gaudet Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Adriana Di Padova Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Erin Davenport Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Grace Lum Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Kayley Kershner Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Elizabeth Workman Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Dana Baird Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Riana Ralston Barebow Silver Outdoor
Helen Carle Barebow Silver Outdoor
Maggie Brensinger Barebow Silver Outdoor
Emily Rose Rodriguez Barebow Silver Outdoor
Karly Mayo Barebow Silver Outdoor
Cassidy Walters Barebow Silver Outdoor
Brendan Fuller Barebow Silver Outdoor
Gabrielle Cole Barebow Silver Outdoor
Kylie Estochen Barebow Silver Outdoor
Meilena Smulders Barebow Silver Outdoor
Abby Bartlett Barebow Silver Outdoor
Srihith Gangireddygari Barebow Silver Outdoor
Dimitrios Tsoupelis Barebow Silver Outdoor
Abigail Kovats Barebow Silver Outdoor
Logan Wamsley Barebow Silver Outdoor
Jacie Behlings Basic Compound Silver Outdoor
Kaitlyn Strukel Compound Silver Indoor
Grace Reed Compound Silver Indoor
Jacob Vandehey Compound Silver Indoor
Jordan Neff Compound Silver Indoor
Coleton Anderson Compound Silver Indoor
Hunter Hansen Compound Silver Indoor
Tyler Klinginsmith Compound Silver Indoor
Lake Aldridge Compound Silver Indoor
Xander Coonis Compound Silver Indoor
Alyssa Tenney Compound Silver Indoor
Brendon Gardiner Compound Silver Outdoor
Julia Cook Compound Silver Outdoor
Andie Fulton Compound Silver Outdoor
Aiden Woodie Compound Silver Outdoor
Dalan Hazelbush Compound Silver Outdoor
Sebastian Kazakov Compound Silver Outdoor
Abigail Winterton Compound Silver Outdoor
Rubie Chambers Compound Silver Outdoor
Jordan Neff Compound Silver Outdoor
Grace Reed Compound Silver Outdoor
Darby French Compound Silver Outdoor
Elisa Keller Compound Silver Outdoor
Kyle Merrill Compound Silver Outdoor
Ryland Roy Compound Silver Outdoor
Dewey Hathaway Compound Silver Outdoor
Andrew Xie Compound Silver Outdoor
Brooke Sears Compound Silver Outdoor
Jack Molter Compound Silver Outdoor
McKenzie Woods Compound Silver Outdoor
Allison Roberts Compound Silver Outdoor
Rigo Martinez Compound Silver Outdoor
Lucas Morgan Compound Silver Outdoor
Noah Breen Compound Silver Outdoor
Kristopher Morgan Compound Silver Outdoor
Brycen Epperson Compound Silver Outdoor
Madelyn Adams Compound Silver Outdoor
William Fowler Compound Silver Outdoor
Zachary Rebstock Compound Silver Outdoor
Hunter Garrison Compound Silver Outdoor
Savannah Shermo Compound Silver Outdoor
Zoie Thompson Compound Silver Outdoor
Valarie Knutson Compound Silver Outdoor
Hatley Hetletved Compound Silver Outdoor
Matthew Gildenhuys Compound Silver Outdoor
Catherine Smith Compound Silver Outdoor
Olivia Snell Compound Silver Outdoor
Isaiah Washington Compound Silver Outdoor
Tyler Herz Recurve Silver Indoor
Grace Lum Recurve Silver Indoor
Gabriel Anderson Recurve Silver indoor
Brianna Laux  Recurve Silver Indoor
Andrew Yoo Recurve Silver Indoor
Hana Huang Recurve Silver Indoor
Carter Merchant Recurve Silver Indoor
Charlotte Clines Recurve Silver Indoor
Andrew Yoo Recurve Silver Outdoor
Yash Mishra Recurve Silver Outdoor
Natalie Howell Recurve Silver Outdoor
Adriana Di Padova Recurve Silver Outdoor
Samantha Lum Recurve Silver Outdoor
Riley Tateyama Recurve Silver Outdoor
Kira Bollar Recurve Silver Outdoor
Stefan Savin Recurve Silver Outdoor
Hayden Bradley Barebow Gold Outdoor
Audrey Smith Barebow Gold Outdoor
Maggie Brensinger Barebow Gold Outdoor
Riana Ralston Barebow Gold Outdoor
Nathanael Cartwright Barebow Gold Outdoor
Helen Carle Barebow Gold Outdoor
Emily Rose Rodriguez Barebow Gold Outdoor
Cassidy Walters Barebow Gold Outdoor
Sage Tesoro Barebow Gold Outdoor
Olivia Artz Barebow Gold Outdoor
Gabrielle Cole Barebow Gold Outdoor
Kylie Estochen Barebow Gold Outdoor
Meilena Smulders Barebow Gold Outdoor
Logan Wamsley Barebow Gold Outdoor
Karly Mayo Barebow Gold Outdoor
Erin Turban Compound Gold Indoor
Jacob Vandehey Compound Gold Indoor
Kristopher Morgan Compound Gold Indoor
Hunter Kirkwood Compound Gold Indoor
Adriana Griebe Compound Gold Outdoor
Aiden Woodie Compound Gold Outdoor
Julia Cook Compound Gold Outdoor
Hudson Brown Compound Gold Outdoor
Kendall Hohenwarter Compound Gold Outdoor
Dewey Hathaway Compound Gold Outdoor
Rubie Chambers Compound Gold Outdoor
Andrew Xie Compound Gold Outdoor
Andie Fulton Compound Gold Outdoor
Jack Molter Compound Gold Outdoor
McKenzie Woods Compound Gold Outdoor
Samantha Roberts Compound Gold Outdoor
Rigo Martinez Compound Gold Outdoor
Sebastian Kazakov Compound Gold Outdoor
Noah Breen Compound Gold Outdoor
Kristopher Morgan Compound Gold Outdoor
Kaylee Gurney Compound Gold Outdoor
Brandon Durham Compound Gold Outdoor
Madelyn Adams Compound Gold Outdoor
Zachary Rebstock Compound Gold Outdoor
Hunter Garrison Compound Gold Outdoor
Ethan Merrill Compound Gold Outdoor
Valarie Knutson Compound Gold Outdoor
Hatley Hetletved Compound Gold Outdoor
Catherine Smith Compound Gold Outdoor
Darby French Compound Gold Outdoor
Isaiah Washington Compound Gold Outdoor
Clay Weaver Compound Gold Outdoor
Andrew Yoo Recurve Gold Indoor
Whitney Jensen Recurve Gold Indoor
Hana Huang Recurve Gold Indoor
Liam Bock Recurve Gold Outdoor
Andrew Yoo Recurve Gold Outdoor
Andrew Mantle Recurve Gold


And Congratulations to our Adult Achievement Award winners:

Amy Pack Barebow Bronze Indoor
Francisco Javier Perez Toril Garcia Barebow Bronze Indoor
An Nguyen Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Claire Xie Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Tom Adjutant Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Melissa Tennant Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Kay Earls Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Frank McDonough Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Amy Pack Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Amy Cooley Barebow Bronze Outdoor
James Schneider Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Francisco Javier Perez Toril Garcia Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Abby Silbert Barebow Bronze Outdoor
Melissa Bourke Compound Bronze Indoor
Ed Savarese Compound Bronze Indoor
Louis Ponson Jr. Compound Bronze Indoor
Kara Barwick Compound Bronze Indoor
Arvid Veidmark III Compound Bronze Indoor
Mike Lilore Compound Bronze Indoor
Derrick Bourhenne Compound Bronze Indoor
Justin Spurlock Compound Bronze Indoor
Jacobi Malone Compound Bronze Indoor
Nathan Jeffries Compound Bronze Indoor
Andrew Gamaley Compound Bronze Indoor
Josh Carter Compound Bronze Indoor
Jeffrey Tom Compound Bronze Indoor
Dave Frickhoeffer Compound Bronze Indoor
Joe Schnur Compound Bronze Outdoor
Jacob Quintana Compound Bronze Outdoor
Martinho Galante Compound Bronze Outdoor
Shane Caron Compound Bronze Outdoor
Michael Grant Compound Bronze Outdoor
Jeffrey Tom Compound Bronze Outdoor
Joseph Xie Compound Bronze Outdoor
Dave Frickhoeffer Compound Bronze Outdoor
Rodrigo Alarcon Viesca Compound Bronze Outdoor
Steven Andrus Compound Bronze Outdoor
Andrew Querol Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Mackenzie Kieborz Recurve Bronze Outdoor
Adam Phelps Traditional Bronze Outdoor
Jael Rodriguez Barebow Silver Indoor
Sanjeh Lok Barebow Silver Outdoor
Muhammed Yusuf Ozkaya Barebow Silver Outdoor
Markham Anderson Barebow Silver Outdoor
Tom Adjutant Barebow Silver Outdoor
Claire Xie Barebow Silver Outdoor
Melissa Tennant Barebow Silver Outdoor
Frank McDonough Barebow Silver Outdoor
Sabrina Harrigan Barebow Silver Outdoor
Scott Sefranka Barebow Silver Outdoor
Kay Earls Barebow Silver Outdoor
Amy Pack Barebow Silver Outdoor
William Michener Compound Silver Indoor
Jake Bourke Compound Silver Indoor
Louis Ponson Jr. Compound Silver Indoor
Nicole Schmitz Compound Silver Indoor
Arvid Veidmark III Compound Silver Indoor
Jeffrey Tom Compound Silver Indoor
James Pecka Compound Silver Indoor
Jacob Quintana Compound Silver Outdoor
Dave Frickhoeffer Compound Silver Outdoor
Ron Gosnell Recurve Silver Outdoor
Kelsey Lard Recurve Silver Outdoor
David Gran Recurve Silver Outdoor
Marcus Cooley Barebow Gold Indoor
Muhammed Yusuf Ozkaya Barebow Gold Outdoor
Tom Adjutant Barebow Gold Outdoor
Claire Xie Barebow Gold Outdoor
Sabrina Harrigan Barebow Gold Outdoor
Melody Richards Barebow Gold Outdoor
Frank McDonough Barebow Gold Outdoor
William Lewis Compound Gold Indoor
Louis Ponson Jr. Compound Gold Indoor
James Pecka Compound Gold Indoor
Jeffrey Tom Compound Gold Indoor
Brent Allen Recurve Gold Outdoor
Ron Gosnell Recurve Gold Outdoor
Kelsey Lard Recurve Gold Outdoor
Susan Bock Recurve Gold Outdoor
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