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September 06, 2009

Team USA in Compound Eliminations

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

The American Compound archers competed in elimination matches in a day with light wind and lots of sunshine.  The American archers competed valiantly with archers from around the world.  The competitors from around the world and the USA provided great competitions for the spectators.  The spectators saw the archers begin shooting six arrows in the 1/64 Round competing down to three arrows in the � Round. 

The top American male competing in the eliminations was Reo Wilde.  Along the way Wilde knocked out 2 out of 3 Russian Federation Archers.  The first Russian to fall at the hands of Wilde was W. Gates, 116 / 112 in the 1/32 round.  The second Russian Wilde defeated was in a 118 / 116 victory over Fedosov in the � Round.  In route to the � round Wilde defeated Hofer of Switzerland 116 / 112 and Srither of India 116 / 113.  Wilde will compete on Wednesday, September 9th in the semi-final and medal matches. 

The two other Americans, Braden Gellenthien and Dave Cousins, faced stiff competition in the 1/16 and 1/32 round respectively.  Gellenthien opened the competition at 1/32 round with a clean 60 points, competing the 2nd end with a 58 for a total of 118 to defeat Parenteau of Canada.  In the next round, Gellenthien was defeated by Busby of Great Britain.  Gellenthien shot a 113 to Busby's 60 / 58 with a score of 118.  Gellenthien's score of 113 placed him 28th out of 118 archers. 

The third American Dave Cousins, was eliminated in the 1/32 round by Scriba of Germany.  Scriba opened the competition with a 59 to Cousins 56.  The second end saw Cousins shooting a 60 but the score could not overcome the three point deficit, losing 117 / 116.  Cousins score placed him 33rd out of the 118 archers. 

During the women's compound competition the USA archers saw both ends of the spectrum.  The top American women's compound archer was Erika Anschutz.  Anschutz's competed in her first match of the day in the 1/32nd round, shooting a 113 to Svenson's (NOR) 108.  Anschutz then defeated Simpson in a close match, 113 to 112.  In her final match of the day, Anschutz faced Loginova of Russia in the 1/8 round.  For the first end, Anschutz shot a score of 58 only to be outscored by the Russian's 60.  In the second end, Anschutz shot a clean score of 60.  The Russian Loginova was not to be outdone and shot a 59 to finish the match with a score of 120 to Anschutz 119.  The final score of 118 was the highest archer eliminated in the 1/8 round, leaving Anschutz the 9th place finisher. 

The number two placing American archer in the women's compound was Diane Watson.  Watson, competing in her first World Championships, began the competition in the 1/32 round versus Wen YJ of Chinese Taipei.   Watson scored 112 vs. Wen's 107 to advance to the 1/16 round.  In the 1/16th round, Watson faced Mikala of Germany.  The 1/16th round would be Watson final round of competition as Mikala won the match 113 to 110.  Watson's score of 110 was enough to finish her in tied for 25th position, with the same number of 10's and X's. 

The final American compound women's archer competing in her first Senior World Championships, Kendal Nicely drew Ana Cristano of Mexico.  To begin the match Cristano shot a 59 to Nicely's 55.  With a four point disadvantage, Nicely returned in the second end to shot a 58.  Unfortunately Nicely couldn't rebound from the four point deficit and fell at the hands of Cristano 113 to 114.  Nicely's score of 113 was enough for her to finish in 33rd.

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