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January 28, 2011

Competition Fierce in First JOAD Mail-In

Competition was fierce in the first JOAD Mail-In Tournament for the 2010-2011 season, with 286 archers from JOAD clubs across the United States posting high scores in each category, which included not only recurve and compound bows, but also barebow and Genesis divisions. Twenty-seven teams also entered the optional team event. Additionally, there were a number of entries from adult archers, some of whom are members of USA Archery's Adult Archery Achievement program, introduced in late 2010. 

For the second consecutive year, the Junior Olympic Archery Development Mail-In Tournament was designed as a tournament "series," with the first event taking place from November 15-December 31, 2010, and the second event, currently in progress, taking place from January 1-31.

Boys' Recurve

Highlights from the competition included strong finishes in the Bowmen Boy's Recurve category, where Ian Coombe (Cincinnati Junior Olympians) shot a strong 290 to claim the top prize. Kent Nitta (Archery Outpost Rebels) and Hunter Conley (Roadrunner Archery Club) took 2nd and 3rd, with a 281 and 275, respectively.

For the cubs, Jon Pelletier of Hall's Arrow JOAD won the category with a 290, while David Sadowski (Crooked River Archers) scored a 280 to finish second. Austin Reifsteck (Cincinnati Junior Olympians) rounded out the top 3 with his score of 278. 

Cincinnati Junior Olympians, which has historically had a strong showing in this event, also locked up the top two spots in the Cadet Boys' Recurve category, with Sean Curtin shooting a near-perfect 298 to clinch first place. Teammate Sean McLaughlin finished close behind, shooting a 294, while Andrew Mateo of Paseo Vista Archery Club took 3rd place with a 285.

In the Junior Boys' Recurve group, it was Sean McLaughlin's brother Daniel who won the category with a 298. Spencer Kalsbeek (Crooked River Archers) finished 2nd with a 253, while Timothy Rogers of the same club shot a 221 to end in 3rd.

Girls' Recurve

Jenna Ahn of the Joy Lee Archery Academy took top honors in the Bowmen Girls' Recurve category with her score of 266; Lancaster JOAD's Emily Ney, who shot a 234 to take 2nd place, followed her. Christiana Briggs, representing Bull Run Spider Shooters, ended in 3rd with a 226.

Hall's Arrow JOAD was well represented in the Cub Girls' Recurve group, with archers from Hall's taking the top three spots. Winner Aili Alholm shot a 268 to win 1st place, while Rachel Phelps trailed Alholm in 2nd by just 2 points. Emily Nelson rounded out the top three, shooting a 257 to finish in 3rd. 

For the cadets, Junior Dream Team member LaNola Pritchard of the Datus Nock-Offs JOAD won the category, shooting a 282. Two members of the Roadrunner Archery Club, which also had a major presence in this year's tournament, followed her; Roadrunner member Anna Miscione scored a 281 to finish a very close 2nd, while teammate Lauren Clamon took 3rd place with a 277. 

Cincinnati Junior Olympians had yet another strong finish in the Junior Girls' Recurve category, with Chelsea Obrebski winning the category with a 286. Crooked River Archers' Holley Ritchie followed with a 214; Jennifer Furtado of the Bull Run Spider Shooters ended in 3rd, shooting a 149.

Boys' Compound

Kevin Clayton, shooting a 291, secured 1st place in the Bowmen Boys' Compound category, shooting for the Bull Run Spider Shooters. Jared Suddeth (Flint Bowmen) was the 2nd place finisher with a 282, while Gus Braendle (Alamo Area Archers JOAD) took 3rd place, shooting a 280.

Competition was close in the Cub Boys' Compound group, in which Kyle Preston of Flint Bowmen and Kaleb Jones of Lonesome Road Archery both shot a 297 with 27 10's and 3 9's for the top score; they were followed by Jeremy Shaw of Archery Outpost Rebels, who scored 281 points for 3rd.

For the Cadets, it was Dylan Johnson of Hall's Arrow JOAD, and Michael Adkins of Flint Bowmen, in 1st place with matching 282's with twelve 10's and eighteen 9's. Cincinnati Junior Olympians' Sean McLaughlin followed them closely, this time with a compound bow, shooting a 281.

Junior Connnor Kelly (Archery Outpost Rebels) posted the high score for his category, shooting a 295 to clinch 1st place.  James Whispell of Lonesome Road Archery took 2nd with his score of 292, while Henry Bass of Datus Nock-Offs JOAD came in 3rd with the same score but one less "9." 

Girls' Compound

Datus Nock-Offs again had a strong showing in the Bowmen Girls' Compound category, with team member Lindsay Weatherspoon winning the group with a 269. She was joined in the top three by Anna Iburg (Granite City JOAD) with a 254, and Amanda Peterson (Canton Longdale Shooting Sports Club), who shot a 244 for 3rd place.

The Cubs also put up solid scores, with Morgan Webb (Flint Bowmen) leading her category, shooting a 286. Harley Oakes (Datus Nock-Offs) scored another top-three placement for her club with a 278, while Allie Canaday (Trosper JOAD) locked up 3rd place with a 254.

The Cadet Girls' Compound category also showed competitive scores, with three ladies from Lonesome Road Archery sweeping the top spots. Rebekah Jones shot a 281 to take 1st place; teammate Elysia Heil followed just one point behind, in 2nd with 280; Rachel Jones rounded out the top three, posting a 273.

The sole entry in the Junior Girls' Compound division was Jessica Jones, with a solid 270 to win first place.

Adult Categories

Highlights in the adult groups included Cincinnati Junior Olympians' Liz Coombe winning the Senior Women Barebow category with a 207; Junior Dream Team Coach Linda Beck (Granite City JOAD) took top honors in the Senior Women's Compound category with her score of 280. Connie Cochert of Crooked River Archers shot the top score in the Senior Women's Recurve group, shooting a 285.

For the men, Cincinnati Junior Olympians also swept the top spots in the men's compound and men's recurve categories, with 2010 Volunteer Coach of the Year Jim Coombe winning the Senior Men's Recurve group, shooting a 282. On the compound side, first place went to Howard Moshier, who posted a 284 to win the category.

For complete results from the first JOAD Mail-In, including results from the team event, click here.

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