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January 31, 2011

USAA Conducts International Judge Seminar

The U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs seemed a fitting setting for Judges from across the world to gather for training and certification. The Judge Certification Seminar, held January 21-23, offered participants an opportunity to learn from one of the world's top tournament officials. Sergio Font, a member of the FITA Judge Committee and Chair of the World Archery Americas (formerly COPARCO) Judge Committee, served as the primary lecturer and Seminar Program Director. 

"It was a great opportunity to have Sergio Font come to the United States and teach a Judge's seminar," explained Tom Green, Chair of the USA Archery Officials and Rules Committee and a featured lecturer at this Seminar. "This was a chance for USA Archery to certify three new Continental Judges, which is very important in ensuring our continued presence in World Archery Americas."

The Seminar was approved as an International FITA Judge Upgrade, and was open to Continental Judges from the Americas, as well as those who wished to test for International Candidate Status. Seventeen judges from twelve different countries participated, including nine from the United States.

Participating Judges


Linda Cockrell

Mike Cullumber

Brian Ficker

Anthony Goldtooth

Fray Gray

Deborah Hermerding

Jane Johnson

Doug Ludwig

Sheri Rhodes


Laura Churchill - Canada

Mohammed F. Dhali - Bangladesh

Robert Erica - Netherlands

Lena Fazzolari - Argentina

Roger Garrod - Canada

Celine Gravel - Canada

Mariya Larkina - Russia

Li-Chu Lin - Taiwan

Adam Martinez - Puerto Rico

Patti-Jo Middlebrough - Canada

Tommy Nobutomo Takeuchi - Japan

Yu-Hsuan Pan - Taiwan

Robert Pannell - Canada

Paola Praschker - Italy

Flemming Skjoldborg - Denmark

Sabrina Steffens - Germany


Seminar Director - Sergio Font, Havana, Cuba

Program Director - Tom Green, Wilton, CA


Robby Beyer, USAA High Performance Manager

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