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August 20, 2021

USA Archery Crowns 137th Target National Champions

RICHMOND, Virginia – It was another beautiful day for archery at the second of two days of qualification at the 137th USA Archery Target Nationals. With 144 scoring arrows in the books, archers shattered records, earned personal achievements and enjoyed new and old friends.

Shawnn Vincent, in his 12th year on the circuit, brought home his first big win today, shooting a 1411 for the compound senior men’s national title. Outscoring James Lutz on Xs, Vincent was emotional about the win: “It hasn’t really sunk in yet. All day, so many of us were within a point, back and forth, back and forth, top three, top five, and then in the last end, you’re like okay don’t screw it up. I got up there and shot a 59 and I’m like okay, I’m at least a podium and then Jimmy came over to congratulate me.”

“I’ve been doing this for 12 years, never won anything as a pro, so a lot of work and life happens, I’ve been so busy with work, so it feels so good,” added Vincent. “There are guys back home covering my shifts at work and I called my daughter Emri to wake her up and share the good news and she was so excited, she’s my coach and we’re really happy and really thankful to USA Archery for putting on this event.”

In the recurve masters 70+ division, Candice Raines won bronze; her first national medal in 31 years of shooting USA Archery events.

Vijaya Lakshmi Gottapu won the barebow senior women’s gold in her first USA Archery national event. Laksmi had previously competed in recurve in India, and was thrilled with her performance this weekend: “Seriously, this was wonderful. I can see my hard work over there on the podium and it’s nice to have everything come together. There are really great people here and it’s wonderful to be here, I had a lot of fun.”

Tim Gillingham, who broke the compound master men’s world record yesterday, broke the 2x72 50meter record today with a 1413/1440. “I’m having a great run with Bowtech,” Gillingham credited his setup for his success, “I look at my career and I’ve never had such a good stretch without equipment problems… that’s a prerequisite of having consistency. I’ve always felt I could shoot better than I did, but I get in my head a lot. I think there’s a little less pressure over here in the Masters division and I’m able to shoot my ability more. I made a little bit of a change before this tournament in my arrows that made a big difference and I’m always trying little things to make myself better.”

Brady Ellison also broke the world record, while winning another national title, for more than a decade on top.

Complete results are available on Between Ends and photos are on USA Archery’s SmugMug. Competition continues tomorrow with the U.S. Open. The senior gold medal matches will be live streamed via Competition Archery Media on Saturday at 2:30pm ET.  

Congratulations to our National Champions and podium finishers!

Recurve Senior Men

  1. Brady Ellison
  2. Jack Williams
  3. Joonsuh Oh

Recurve Senior Women

  1. Casey Kaufhold
  2. Gabrielle Sasai
  3. Isabella Frederick

Compound Senior Men

  1. Shawnn Vincent
  2. James Lutz
  3. Braden Gellenthien

Compound Senior Women

  1. Toja Ellison
  2. Paige Pearce
  3. Savannah Vanderwier

Barebow Senior Women

  1. John Demmer III
  2. Matt Yacca
  3. Robert Hickerson

Barebow Senior Women

  1. Vijaya Laksmi Gottapu
  2. Claire Xie
  3. Susan Snider

Recurve Men Open

  1. Timothy Palumbo
  2. Michael Lukow

Recurve Women Open

  1. Alexandria Allen

Compound Men Open

  1. Jeremy Velez
  2. David Cunningham
  3. Andrew Pike

Compound Women Open

  1. Wendy Gardner
  2. Chalyn Weaver
  3. Erev King


  1. Preston Curry


  1. Janice Walth

Recurve Master Men

  1. Mark Williams
  2. Ron Gosnell
  3. Stephen Vickers

Recurve Master Women

  1. Janis Grellner
  2. Tatyana Muntyan
  3. Susan Bock

Recurve Master 60+ Men

  1. Gary Yamaguchi
  2. Gabriel Querol
  3. Matthew Bamberg

Recurve Master 60+ Women

  1. Elizabeth Ginebaugh
  2. Martha Anderson
  3. Abigail Abraham

Recurve Master 70+ Men

  1. Larry Anderson
  2. Peter Usherenko
  3. Alfred R. Lizzio

Recurve Master 70+ Women

  1. Diana LaBeau
  2. Karen Kroll
  3. Candice Raines

Compound Master Men

  1. Timothy Gillingham
  2. Kendall Woody
  3. Randy Patterson

Compound Master Women

  1. Deanna Cronin
  2. Melanie White
  3. Alanna Dunaway

Compound Master 60+ Men

  1. Michael Campbell
  2. Chris Beling
  3. Scott Wilson

Compound Master 60+ Women

  1. Catherine Belzner
  2. Leslie Wright

Compound Master 70+ Men

  1. David Wright
  2. Ronald West
  3. John Pfoh

Barebow Master Men

  1. Richard Stonebraker
  2. Spanky Brooks
  3. Scott Bills

Barebow Master Women

  1. Sabrina Harrigan
  2. Jenifer Stoner
  3. Karen Holson

Recurve Guest Senior Men

  1. Joel Haro
  2. Shuo Dong

Recurve Guest Master Men

  1. In Hoon Lee

Recurve Guest Maser 60+ Men

  1. Jacques Cote

Compound Guest Senior Women

  1. Danelle Lutz
  2. Tanja Gellenthien

Barebow Guest Master Men

  1. Steve Oakley
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