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December 15, 2021

Major Archery Event Rule Changes for 2022

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – Indoor season is quickly approaching the start of Indoor Nationals and registration is now open for all locations. Earlier this month, USA Archery and World Archery Executive Boards passed some important updates pertaining to national and international events.

USA Archery’s Board of Directors approved an update to the dress code, effective immediately. Additionally, with the support of the Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Advisory Council, the JOAD club membership requirement has been removed for all events for 2022 and beyond. This means that participation in events such as USA Archery JOAD Indoor Nationals and Target Nationals does not require an archer to belong to a JOAD club. This change was implemented to help reduce barriers to participation at youth events especially for archers who may not have a JOAD club in their area.

The 2022 USA Archery JOAD Target Nationals will have competition categories for youth para divisions in addition to classes for fixed pins archers, which are included for all USAT events beginning with Indoor Nationals.

At all levels of events, World Archery has abolished equipment failures. There will no longer be makeup arrows and archers must shoot in the time allotted. Additional changes can be read in more detail on

The World Archery Executive Board revised and further clarified the proposed time clock change, which no longer affects most USA Archery events.

The World Archery bylaw change, which reduces the shooting time in qualification and individual Olympic, compound and indoor rounds from 40 seconds per arrow to just 30 seconds, will only apply to world ranking events in 2022, beginning March 1 (this does not apply to Indoor World Series events). This means that USA Archery events will not implement or reflect this change and our event clocks will remain at 40 seconds per arrow.

USA Archery will further evaluate implementation of this rule for international team trials events. Archers who plan to participate in World Ranking Events next season are encouraged to take time to practice shooting under the new timing conditions and take care to consider the clock when shooting national events in preparation for the upcoming international season.

All new rules and by-laws, with exception of the new timing, will appear in the next WA Rulebook update scheduled for Jan. 15, 2022.  There will be another edition of the rulebook starting March 1, 2022 that will contain the new timing by-law.

World Records will not be affected by the new timing. 


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