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April 08, 2020

Colorado Sees Record Participation at 2020 USA Archery Indoor State Championships

DENVER, Colorado – The 2020 USA Archery Colorado State and JOAD Indoor Championships were held on February 21-23 at No Limits Archery in Denver, Colorado. With a strong network of clubs, coaches, and judges, Colorado has seen an explosion of popularity of local and state USA Archery events in the past several years. More than 200 archers competed in the State Championship events over the three days of competition. Archers in the recurve, compound, and barebow divisions came from all corners of Colorado to shoot for the title of Colorado State Champion! 

There were 71 unique registrations in the Barebow division, evidencing that the discipline is trending upward as World Archery recently recognized the division for target rounds. The Master Barebow Men’s division saw close competition to the finish, with former compound phenoms Tim Strickland and Ben Rogers battling it out for their respective first and second place finishes. Rogers shared, “The USA archery state tournaments are an important ingredient in keeping us in contact with the organization as well as giving us opportunities to stay connected at a competitive level.”

Other notable archers from the State Indoor included Melissa McAvoy of Archery School of the Rockies and Mackenzie Kieborz of Archers’ Crest Elite, winning the Masters and Senior Recurve Women’s divisions, respectively. McAvoy loves competing at the state level, and added, “It brings together new archers, world champions, archers of every age and ability, to compete, mentor, learn and grow every individual‘s archery game as well as their archery family.”

In addition, para archers Kevin Mather and Paul Rauner earned first and third, respectively, in the Senior Recurve Men’s division amongst their able-bodied competitors. Mather had just returned from a tournament in Dubai and shot back-to-back shooting times on Sunday to take the title. “While I enjoy shooting the national events for different reasons, I enjoy getting a chance to compete with my closest 'Archery Family’,” Mather commented on state events. “Most of the people at the state events have known me the whole time I've been shooting, coming up on 3 years.  So, it's a blast to hang out with folks who were giving me those first pieces of advice and encouragement.”

Barebow Bowman Men’s National Record holder Caelan Shanklin of Youth Archery Academy earned first place in both the State and JOAD State events. Shanklin’s coach, and USA Archery Colorado State Coordinator Kevin Lewis, is proud of how USA Archery has advanced in club structure in the past few years. Colorado’s JOAD Rotational series lets each club learn the basics of hosting events, and to prepare their archers for competition.

View complete results of the 2020 USA Archery Colorado State Indoor Championship and the 2020 USA Archery Colorado State JOAD Indoor Championship. Learn more about how to get involved in USA Archery clubs and events, find a club or event near you or contact [email protected] for more information!

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