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November 24, 2009

2011 USAT and Jr. USAT Qualifying Procedures

2011 USAT and Junior USAT Qualification Changes

USA Archery recently announced the 2010 events and points process that will be recognized for qualification to the 2011 U.S. Archery Team (click here) and 2011 Junior U.S. Archery Team (click here). The purpose of adding more events is to increase the athlete pool and provide a high-level competitive environment to more of our membership.

There are several other changes to both USAT teams, which are listed below.


Minimum Qualifying Scores will not be required in 2010 USAT events for your designation on the 2011 USAT and Junior USAT. To be named to these teams, the overall archer's performance at events is the focus. The individual place finish at USAT designated events along with the finish at the U.S. National Tournament is how these teams will be calculated. We will determine the overall athlete placement for each event by averaging the ranking round (RR) and elimination round (ER) placements. Also, if international athletes are competing at a USAT event, they will be removed to provide true qualification points. We will fill a full 32 person USAT and a full 40 person Junior USAT team.

Scoring Example

US Nationals
RR Placement (2)            ER Placement (12)                        Placement Points for Event(2+12)/2= (7)

USAT Event #1  
RR Placement (4)            ER Placement (2)                          Placement Points for Event (4+2)/2 = (3)

USAT Event #2
RR Placement (10)          ER Placement (6)                          Placement Points for Event(10+6)/2= (8)

                                                                                      USAT Placement Points - (18)

Youth Archers on USAT

Additionally, archers competing in the Junior division will be eligible to earn points toward USAT by competing in both the ranking and elimination rounds at USAT events.  The Junior ranking round scores will be combined with the Senior ranking round scores for placement into the elimination round brackets at USAT events.  Both classes will compete together during the elimination rounds to determine Sr. USAT placing. 

The Junior division ranking round scores from USAT events, in which Juniors and Seniors compete, will be used to determine placements on Junior USAT.  However, if an archer qualifies for both USAT and Junior USAT, the athlete must designate which team to be placed.

Age Restriction to Junior USAT

To qualify for the Junior USAT, the athlete must be able to compete as a junior archer the year they are named to the national team. The USA Archery Board of Directors recently approved this change at the November meeting. This means that if you qualify for the 2011 Junior USAT, you must be able to compete at junior age-group events in 2011.

ALL archers shooting as a Cadet in 2010 are eligible to receive designation to the 2011 Jr. USAT, Cadet Division.   Cadet-aged archers will receive consideration to Junior USAT during their last year of eligibility as a Cadet, even though they will shoot in the Junior division during the time they are named to the Junior USAT.  

Calendar Year Calculations

The last change for both national teams is the time of announcement. The 2011 USAT and Junior USAT teams will be announced in December 2010. The scores will be kept current and updated on the USA Archery website following each USAT-designated event.


Overall we feel these changes were necessary and will provide a greater opportunity for all archers to earn a spot on one of the two national teams. The changes also allow each athlete some strategy with regard to which USAT events they will attend and the time of year they will participate.

Currently USA Archery is examining the details of incorporating match play and set-play system for the Rolling Ranking System.  We will announce the Rolling Ranking integration shortly.  In December, I will have another blog detailing U.S. Olympic Committee Programming, 2010 COPARCO Events and 2010 World Cup Events.

Robby Beyer
High Performance Mgr.

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