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June 06, 2019

USA Archery Call for Nominations for the Board of Directors

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – USA Archery is seeking nominations for four positions on the organization’s Board of Directors: The Grassroots (JOAD Club) Director, the Judge Director, the At large Director and an Independent Director. 

Three elected board of director seats that are currently held by John Stover (Grassroots), Mike Cullumber (Judge) and Rob Kaufhold (At large) are up for election this year. The Independent Director position held by Jennifer Rottenberg is subject to Nominating and Governance Committee appointment. 

Director terms are for four years, re-elected directors can serve a second term for a maximum of eight consecutive years on the Board of Directors. To be eligible to serve on the USAA Board of Directors you must be a U.S. Citizen, over 18 years of age and meet the specific requirements outlined below for each open position. Nominations are encouraged for Nominating and Governance Committee vetting to offer candidates for election by the membership. Incumbent Directors have expressed interest in applying for nomination for the Board election.

Grassroots (JOAD Club) Director: The Grassroots Directors will come from nominations made by USA Archery JOAD clubs in good standing. All current registered JOAD Clubs in good standing 45 days prior to the election deadline may vote for their respective Grassroots JOAD Director.

Judge Director: The Judge Director will come from Certified Judge members and above of USAA who are in good standing. All USAA certified judge members and above eligible to vote and in good standing 45 days prior to the election deadline may vote for the Judge Director (Bylaws Sections 5.1 and 5.2).

At-Large Director: The At-Large Director will come from the USAA individual membership who are in good standing and eligible to vote in USAA elections. All USAA members eligible to vote and in good standing 45 days prior to the election deadline may vote for the At-Large Director (Bylaws Sections 5.1 and 5.2).

Independent Director: Each “Independent Director” shall be determined to have no material relationship with USAA, either directly or through an organization that has a material relationship with USAA. A relationship is "material" if, in the judgment of the Nominating and Governance Committee, it could interfere with the Director's independent judgment.

Duties of the USA Archery Board of Directors:

The USA Archery Board of Directors represents the interests of the Archery community and its athletes by providing the organization with policy, guidance and strategic direction. The Board oversees the management of USA Archery and its affairs, but it does not manage the organization. The Board focuses on long-term objectives and impacts, empowering the Chief Executive Officer to manage a staff-driven organization with effective Board oversight.Please review the USA Archery Bylaws, including Article VII.

The Nominating and Governance Committee promotes representation by diverse groups to encourage a wide variety of USA Archery leadership ideas and perspectives. 

To nominate someone for one of the Board of Directors positions or to self-nominate, please review and execute the per the USA Archery Board of Directors Nomination Materials.

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