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December 15, 2016

USA Archery Congratulates New Level 4 NTS Coaches

CHULA VISTA, California - USA Archery recently completed hosting two Level 4-NTS coach certification courses. This weeklong course of twelve-hour days is highly intensive and is only completed when participants pass both a written and practical exam on the National Training System (NTS).

The Level 4-NTS courses, which are only offered twice per year, teach the education of sports science in archery, psychology and biomechanics with a large emphasis on NTS. Graduates of the course become eligible for USA Archery National Development Program and International Team Staff positions.

USA Archery Education and Training Manager Guy Krueger congratulated the recent graduates: "Completing this course is no easy task. We are very proud of our new Level 4-NTS coaches and are excited to see the great and growing depth of talent in the U.S. coaching pool. Congratulations also to Gary Yamaguchi, who just earned his Level 5-NTS Coach certification this past month!"

Among many notable names in the recent graduate list is 2016 U.S. Olympic Archery Team member Mackenzie Brown. Brown shared: "I took the course because I want to be a coach in the future, and I want to be able to inspire other future Olympians. The experience was great, I had an awesome time learning a few things and getting to hear National Head Coach, KiSik Lee talk is always an honor."

To learn more about the USA Archery Coach Certification Program, click here. To find a certification course near you, view the course schedule. For any additional information, please contact Guy Krueger at [email protected].

Congratulations to our new Level 4-NTS Coaches:

  • Aaron Kiely
  • Bob Wegener
  • Brandon Wright
  • Charles Rendleman
  • Chris Kamilar
  • David McHuron
  • David Missirian
  • Dean Villanuevo
  • Ed Lucero
  • Holly Edgar
  • James Johnson
  • Jared Hawley
  • John Francis
  • John Magera
  • Kyle Bissell
  • Lance Thornton
  • Lee Ford-Faherty
  • Mackenzie Brown
  • Melinda Hawley
  • Richard Burkett
  • Robert Regojo
  • Rudy Rodolfo Sandoval Jr.
  • Russell Wolfe
  • Terri MacQuarrie
  • Wayne Matthias Macasaet
  • Willis Stevenson

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