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October 21, 2015

USA Archery Announces Updates to Achievement Award Scoring Matrices

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - The Junior Olympic Archery Development and Adult Archery Achievement Award Programs are two of USA Archery's most popular club activities.  Through our system of rewarding excellence, archers have the opportunity to earn achievement awards for their scores in the divisions of barebow, basic compound, recurve and compound.  Earning awards becomes progressively more challenging as the archers' skill level increases.

Scoring levels used in the Achievement Award Program are reflective of the scores recorded at national events, which means it is important for USA Archery to continually evaluate the program to ensure the program remains challenging.

In addition to adjusting scores to reflect national tournament scoring trends, USA Archery has added additional scoring options for both the JOAD and Adult pin levels to enable a wider variety of archers to shoot qualifying scores at sanctioned tournaments within their respective division and class.

A detailed analysis and explanation of each program scoring update is available here.

Please follow the links to see the updated Scoring Matrices for the JOAD and Adult Archery Achievement Award Programs.

Below are guidelines on the revised Scoring Matrices:

  • Archers participating in the JOAD and Adult Achievement Award Programs will not be asked to re-earn any pins they have already been awarded. 
  • Archers should earn pins one at a time, in consecutive order.
  • Archers progressing through the scoring matrices should use the new scoring guidelines starting with the next pin they are working toward.
  • If an award level has more than one distance per target size, the club leader will choose what target face to have the archer positioned at based on the skill level and experience of the archer.
  • To earn a JOAD Olympian Award the archer will be required to shoot the distance and target face that corresponds to their JOAD Class at National Events (i.e. Bowman, Cub, Cadet, Junior).
  • The Achievement Program is not based on gender.

If you are not yet a member of a USA Archery club, but are interested in joining one today, please visit the USA Archery Club Locator to find a club near you. To learn more about the JOAD Achievement Program please click here.  Additional information on the Adult Archery Achievement Program can be accessed here.

Please contact USA Archery Program Manager Lorin Opfer with any questions at [email protected] or 719-866-4621.

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