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May 02, 2014

New Explore Archery Program Launched, Addressing Sport's Massive Surge in Popularity

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Archery has announced the launch of Explore Archery, an innovative education program that introduces archery to beginners of all ages and abilities. Explore Archery, developed jointly by USA Archery and the Archery Trade Association, is fun, safe, rewarding, and developmentally progressive.


Explore Archery is a low-cost, high quality turnkey programming option that offers a comprehensive Instructor's Guide, including a full curriculum packed with classroom activities, and award and games components to keep participants engaged and having fun. Program options include Try Archery Events, 1-Day Camps, 1-Week Camps, 6-Week Classes and Birthday Parties.


The program's unique achievement award component allows archers to earn awards through active participation in individual and team-building activities. The focus is on fundamental skills, a competitive edge, and a bit of creativity, versus natural athleticism or the ability to shoot a perfect score.


Park and recreation departments, camps, Scouting groups, 4-H clubs, state agencies and archery retailers are the intended market for Explore Archery, as well as existing archery clubs looking for a beginner programming option. USA Archery makes it easy to start an Explore Archery program, with just five easy steps.


In developing Explore Archery, USA Archery enlisted the help of a focus group, which provided ideas for activities and helped ensure the needs of community-based programs would be met. The focus group included: Ryan Barth, Three Rivers Park District; Mark Copeland, Jay's Sporting Goods; John Corriveau, Thomas Township Parks and Recreation Department; Connie Elliot, Boy Scouts of America; Lee Ford, Paralympic Athlete; and Robert Jellison, Hartland Middle School.


Explore Archery was developed by USA Archery and the Archery Trade Association with the support of the Easton Foundations. The National Field Archery Association (NFAA), National Archery in the Schools Program® (NASP), and the Archery Shooters Association (ASA) have also endorsed the new program.


Explore Archery was developed in response to the tremendous growth in archery over the past two years, fueled in part by bow-wielding Katniss Everdeen and "The Hunger Games" franchise. USA Archery has experienced a 72% membership surge in the past twelve months alone, and the Archery Trade Association recently reported that 18.9 million Americans participate in archery.


"We hope that Explore Archery will serve as a foundation for the development of community based archery programs nationwide," explained Denise Parker, USA Archery CEO. "We're excited to grow a new generation of archers and Olympic, Paralympic and World Champion hopefuls at the grassroots level."  


"In the past year, along with the Release Your Wild campaign, has engaged millions of people and now, with Explore Archery, our retailers will have something to offer them so they can get into archery," said Jay McAninch, ATA CEO/President. "We love that Explore Archery has the breadth to be used in all sectors of communities yet has the depth to advance those who want to compete or go into bowhunting."


The Explore Archery Instructor Guide and Awards are available for purchase to certified instructors and program administrators that register an Explore Archery program. The cost for program registration is $25, and the following certification levels are accepted:

       USA Archery/NFAA Level 1 or above

       National Archery In the Schools Program® BAI, BAIT or BAIT-S

       Olympic Archery in Schools Level 1 or above

Registered programs will receive Explore Archery News, be listed in the Program Locator, and receive complimentary Explore Archery activities annually. Registration is required.


To get started today, visit:

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