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January 11, 2011

Coaching Update 2011

Happy New Year!

2011 marks the third and final year in the transition period for Coaching Education.  With that in mind, there are some updates and program information I would like to call to your attention.

Many of the functions and some of the personnel at NADA have been incorporated into USA Archery.  I think this is a more streamline approach to certification, as current members and those new to archery will now be working with just one organization. 

Re-certification requirements and periods have been revised from the original outline that was circulated in early 2009.  Community, Regional and Elite certifications will now be required on a 3-year basis.  This will coincide with the background screening that is valid for 3 years.  Coming in March, there will be an online option for Basic re-certification if you have not met the teaching requirement.  Intermediate certification will continue to be valid for 4 years.  Re-certification forms can be found here.

We will be conducting the final two Transition Regional Coach courses in 2011.  Transition Regional courses incorporate both the Community and Regional curriculum into one course. The first will be March 13-19, in Colorado Springs.  The second will be during November in a Mid-west location still to be determined. This "Transition" option will only be available for this year and in 2012 we will implement the standard Regional Coach curriculum.

The Education Grant program will again be available through 2011.  The Grant program is available to assist those seeking to earn Community and Regional certifications.  Additional information, eligibility and an application can be obtained here.

In 2009 and 2010 we added some auxiliary programs to Coaching Development:  Coach Observers, International Team Staffing programs and the Annual Coach Symposium.

  • The Coach Observer (CO) program is a companion program to the JDT camps.  The intent of the program is to provide coaches an opportunity to observe the National Training System and interact with experienced JDT coaches and archers in an active setting.  National Head Coach, Kisik Lee, leads all JDT camps.  Additional information and eligibility can be obtained here.
  • The International Team Staffing Program (ITS) is a mentor program designed to provide top-level coaches and team leaders with opportunities in the international tournament arena.  The goal of the program being to create a  'team' that works in harmony, demonstrates respect for colleagues and archers while developing an understanding of the top archers' competitive needs that leads to success on the medal stand.  Additional information and eligibility can be obtained here.
  • The Coach Symposium is designed to be a platform for open, informal discussion about the issues that coaches encounter in the field.  Presentations are generally short in nature with ample opportunity for questions and sharing of ideas.  

Also new to USA Archery is the implementation of a new database program.  In addition to being able to manage your membership online, you will also be able to manage many other aspects of your involvement with USAA such as judging, events and coaching.  Look for announcements and updates on the website as the different functions are phased in.

Coach Education improvements to look for in the future will include online continuing education options that will serve as augments to current curriculum and re-certification tools.  A database of sorts listing online continuing education courses for general education and re-certification purposes.  A Coach Locator function under the Coaching menu button so people looking for a coach or instructor will be able to find your contact information.

One of the most important goals I would like to accomplish is increased communication - specifically with the Coaching membership.  Bringing the management of the certification program back in-house and the new database program will be wonderful assets to that end. 

Much of the coach development program has grown out of needs of the membership.  So, I invite you to keep me apprised of what your needs are.  Let me know what topics you would like offered in an online course or in a seminar/webinar.  Let me know what tools would make the job of coaching/instructing archery easier.  Let me know when you have things to share with your coaching colleagues - helpful tools or an online course that was insightful - I'll post it to a blog.

With more changes coming in 2011, I look forward to the opportunities those changes will bring.  Without coaches ALL of our programs are impacted.  So, I want to thank each of your for your continued dedication. 

Wishing you a prosperous 2011

Sheri Rhodes, Coaching Development Manger

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