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October 24, 2009

Board of Directors Voting Update

I would like to provide an update to everyone regarding the upcoming Board of Directors election and the process.

Under the USA Archery Bylaws it is the work of the Nominating and Governance (N&G) committee to identify and evaluate potential candidates for the Board of Directors. Over the past several months the committee has been reviewing resumes and recruiting applicants for the four open Board positions. The committee strives to offer at least three qualified individuals per category for a membership vote. 

The N&G committee is in the final stages of review and believes they will have a slate of candidates to the USA Archery staff by November 1. Upon receipt of these names, we will post the candidates' information online so that the membership can become familiar with each one.

We believe it will take two weeks to prepare the lists and ballots and we should have them in the mail by the middle of November. If all goes as planned, the new board members would be seated Jan. 1.

There are four open positions on the Board that will be filled through this election; JOAD, Collegiate, Coach and At-large. All the positions are four-year terms, except that of JOAD which will be a two-year term as it is a replacement position.

Bill Corbin's (Independent Director) term is also up at the end of 2009. Bill has expressed interest in returning for another four-year term and the decision to extend this term lies solely and completely at the determination of the Nominating and Governance committee.

There are five additional seats that are not currently open for election which include; the second Independent position, Judge, Affiliate and the two athlete positions.

Each individual member must choose only ONE voting category for which they will vote in ALL elections. The voting category options for INDIVIDUAL memberships are: Athlete, Coach (intermediate or higher certification), Judge (Certified) or Other/At-Large.  We realize many of you qualify to vote in multiple categories, however, the new Bylaws clearly outline that you must choose ONLY ONE category for voting. In a family membership, all family members that are 18 years old and over are eligible to a single vote.  

Therefore to recap -

  • Each JOAD member club will receive one ballot to vote for the JOAD representative. No other individuals or groups will be allowed to vote for this Board position.
  • Each Collegiate member club will receive one ballot to vote for the Collegiate representative. No other individuals or groups will be allowed to vote for this Board position.
  • Each Adult/Other member club will receive one ballot to vote for the At-Large representative.
  • All Individual members who are a citizen of the Unites States and 18 years old and older are entitled to vote within the voting category that they choose. Youth members are not entitled to vote.

On the ballot that will be sent to all members, we ask that you help us build the initial database by selecting the one voting category in which you are eligible to vote. This will be the only time we send this out to all members.  From this point forward, we will only send a ballot for the voting category that we have on file. If you choose the athlete or judge categories, you will not be eligible to vote during this upcoming election as those seats are not vacant, but you will receive a ballot in 2011 when those seats are up for election. Those who choose to vote in the categories of Coach or At-Large will be eligible to vote in this upcoming election. 

Thank you,

Denise Parker, USA Archery CEO



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