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February 02, 2010

2010 International Team Staffing Program Details

The USA Archery Coaching Development program recently sent a letter to all Regional coaches and previous team leaders about the new staffing program for 2010 and beyond. The new staffing plan is to cultivate a better team atmosphere between administrators, coaches and athletes. 

"The committee reviewed previous international event after-action reports and we noticed a need to create more unity and working relationships between athletes and coaches," said Sheri Rhodes, USA Archery Coach Development Manager. "From an organizational standpoint we learned a lot. USA Archery has a lot of talented individuals and all are encouraged to participate."

The review of the after action reports from the last 12 years identified three key areas that indicated athlete performances were better when some or all of the following conditions were present:

  • 1. Consistency - Repeated travels with a "team" gives athletes and staff the opportunity to build relationships leading up to a major event.
  • 2. Coaches and team leaders respect their defined roles - When the staff is familiar with what their role is relative to other staff and athletes, it creates a less stressful environment for all parties.
  • 3. A planned coaching approach - Ongoing coordination and communication allows for a "no surprises" approach for coaches or athletes with the development of a plan that works for everyone.

The International Team Staff Program is a mentor program designed to provide top-level coaches and team leaders with opportunities at key international competitions. The goal is to create a team that works in harmony, demonstrates respect for colleagues and archers, while developing an understanding of the archers' competitive needs.

Coaches will be divided into two pools of candidates, which are based off of previous experience and a commitment to the future international events. All team leaders will be put into one pool for gaining experience. The details of the candidate pools are further detailed in the letter.

All applicants for the various events will be reviewed based upon their credentials and past performances. The USAA High Performance staff, including, Denise Parker, CEO; Kisik Lee, National Head Coach; Robby Beyer, High Performance Manager; and Rhodes will all take part in the review process.

Through the support of the Easton Foundations, USA Archery is able to provide a stipend to the individuals that are selected for these positions that is intended to help offset various individual expenses.

For more information on the international staffing program, please contact Sheri Rhodes, USA Archery Coach Development Manager by email at [email protected].

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