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June 27, 2024

Gearing up for more world-class archery both at home and abroad

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - After the rush of Olympic and Paralympic Trials, USAT Series Qualifier events, World Cup Stages 1, 2 and 3, Collegiate Target Nationals and Field Nationals, many are making the most of the relative lull before we move through the gears once again in July, August and September.

Archers have found themselves at national events in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, and Indiana, with international action in China, Korea and Turkey. And while some are competing in Illinois and the Czech Republic this week, most are using this time to decompress, reset – and, of course practice – before competition increases once again.

In July alone there will be more than 800 archers gathering in Albuquerque for the WIAWIS USA Archery JOAD Target Nationals & JOAD U.S. Open, followed by the fourth and final USAT Series Qualifier, the Rebel Gear Buckeye Classic.

And while that competition continues in Dublin, Ohio, four incredible athletes – Brady Ellison, Catalina GNoriega, Casey Kaufhold and Jennifer Mucino-Fernandez – will be sporting the Stars and Stripes at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

The Games will take us from July into August, a month which ends with the Paralympic Games and one which has the Chinook Seedery USA Archery Target Nationals and U.S. Open nestled in the middle.

The Chinook Seedery USA Archery Target Nationals and U.S. Open takes place August 14-17 in the city of Lubbock, Texas.

With its West Texas hospitality, Lubbock is ready to welcome archers for the 140th edition of the USA Archery Target Nationals and U.S. Open, hosting the event at the Berl Huffman Athletic Complex, named after the famed former baseball, basketball and football coach at Texas Tech.

Coming in between the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Target Nationals and U.S. Open may be new to Lubbock but archers can expect similar conditions to those they faced in Arizona and Florida earlier this year.

And there will be no shortage of activities outside of the archery in a city known for delivering outstanding cuisine, with a music scene steeped in history, while the temperate weather provides the perfect setting for vineyards.

The Paralympic Games end in early September, giving us less than a month before the USA Archery Collegiate 3D Nationals in Foley, Ala.

There may not be too much time to catch your breath but there will be ample opportunity to sample some summer shooting in this Olympic and Paralympic year.


WIAWIS USA Archery JOAD Target Nationals & JOAD U.S. Open

July 17-21


Rebel Gear Buckeye Classic

July 26-28


Olympic Games

July 26-August 11


Chinook Seedery USA Archery Target Nationals and U.S. Open

August 14-17


Paralympic Games

August 28-September 8


USA Archery Collegiate 3D Nationals

October 3-5



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