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June 10, 2014

USA Archery Debuts Compound Junior Dream Team Program

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Team USA has had tremendous success in the compound divisions internationally, often topping the world rankings and leading medal counts at World Cups. In the hopes of continuing to reach the current levels of Team USA's international success, USA Archery has announced the Compound Junior Dream Team.

This new initiative will be similar in scope to the Junior Dream Team, which helps young recurve archers to gain access to top-level coaching through periodic camps and online support from coaches. The Compound JDT will focus on technical and mental skill development, with the ultimate goal of developing future international success at the World Championship and World Cup levels.

Coach Linda Beck will serve as the Head Coach of the program along with Coaches Larry Wise, Jim Pruitte and John Fleury. "I am honored to be working with some of the finest compound coaches in the U.S.," explained Beck. "I am confident our coaching team will be able to provide our youth archers with tools and training to help them get prepared for international competition."

The Compound JDT will officially begin with its first Selection Camp, scheduled at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center on November 17-23.  Priority for attending the selection camp will be given to the top 5 ranked Junior and Cadet compound archers from the current Junior and Cadet USAT Rankings.  

Open slots will be filled from USA Archery and / or National Field Archery Association (NFAA) competitive archers who meet JDT selection camp criteria and wish to compete in international competition in the future. All archers wishing to participate in selection camp must submit a completed application.

"As the one of the largest national archery membership associations in the U.S., with a majority of our members compound competitors, the NFAA fully supports any advancement that USA Archery pursues to help young compound archers develop their skills," commented Bruce Cull, NFAA President. "As we look toward future international competitions, we see the Compound Junior Dream Team as a great step toward preparing the next generation of compound competitors." 

USA Archery CEO Denise Parker noted: "The level of competition internationally is getting tougher and tougher every year. We have to look at doing all that we can to help our archers to prepare. We hope that the Compound JDT Program can help accelerate archer development." 

National Head Coach Kisik Lee said: "I'm very excited to see that USA Archery is introducing this promising program, which we hope will continue to improve the future international competitiveness of our compound divisions." 

Click here to review updated Compound JDT Criteria; click here to download the program application.

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