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August 05, 2014

Mail In Tournament Underway With New Club Spirit Award

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Archery is excited to announce the 3RD Quarter Outdoor Mail-In Tournament, which is now underway: this exciting event began on July 15, and will continue through September 30.

USA Archery is adding a new twist to the Mail-In Tournament: the all-new Club Spirit Award, which promises a cool prize pack - and publicity for the clubs that win the Team event.  

Wax your bowstrings, re-fletch your arrows, put your game face on - and dress in your favorite 80's costumes in order to be eligible for the new Club Spirit Award. Submit pictures of archers on the line and participating in the tournament in their best 80's gear! 

Clubs wishing to qualify for the Club Spirit Award must provide a photo of club participation in an 80's themed archery event for the tournament. Clubs must also submit both individual and team round scores for this quarter's tournament in order to be eligible to win the prize pack. Photos may be submitted along with Mail-In Tournament entry forms.  

The goal of this new award is to encourage club spirit and excitement for participants in this quarterly event.  USA Archery will judge winners based on spirit, enthusiasm, and commitment to the theme of the 1980's, so get creative and have fun!

The Club Spirit Award Winner will receive an Explore Archery book and a set of 10 Explore Archery achievement awards - great supplies for starting their own Explore Archery program. Note: the winning club must meet all the requirements for Explore Archery program registration.

Also new for this quarter, the winners of the Team Round will have their team pictures posted on the USA Archery Mail-In Tournament web page.  USA Archery will follow up with winners to coordinate how to send these pictures in.

Click here for more event information, including how to register your club and rules for the event. USA Archery looks forward to seeing bright neon 80's clothes, crimped hair, and totally rad outfits!

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