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September 16, 2010

Hoyt Becomes Title Sponsor of Hoyt World Open (previously U.S. Open)

USA Archery and Hoyt are proud to announce that Hoyt will be the title sponsor for the 2011 and 2012 Hoyt World Open Championships (formerly U.S. Open Championships), which will be held in conjunction with, and immediately following, the U.S. National Target Championships. Designed to attract the world's best archers, the tournament will offer prize money totaling an unprecedented $54,800, an amount surpassed only by the World Archery Championships and Olympic Games. 

USA Archery will pay $2,000, $500 and $200 for all four senior divisions (Men's Compound, Men's Recurve, Women's Compound, Women's Recurve).

Hoyt will pay contingency of $8,000 (1st), $2,000 (2nd) and $1,000(3rd) for the same premiere senior category archers winning with a complete Hoyt bow.

First place winners in the four Senior divisions have the potential to win up to $10,000 for first place. Second place in each of those categories could win up to $2500, while those who place third would be eligible to win up to $1200 each, totaling $13,700 per division.

In order to qualify for the Hoyt portion of the prize money, archers must be shooting a complete Hoyt compound or recurve setup (riser and limbs) throughout the competition including qualification. The USAA portion of the prize money will be paid to all who place in the top 3.
"This is a huge step forward for USA Archery, and target archery in general," states Denise Parker, CEO of USA Archery. "Our goal is to attract the world's top target archers to this event, which in turn will offer a significant benefit to Team USA, in that our archers will gain excellent international competitive experience at the Hoyt World Open Championships. In placing the event the week prior to the World Cup in Ogden, we are also hoping many international shooters use the event as a warm-up Ogden."

Hoyt's Director of Marketing, Mike Luper states, "The tremendous advancement in professionalism and event management shown by the USAA in the past seasons has really encouraged us to step up and provide an incentive for more of the world's top archers to come to the United States for world-class competition.  We're very proud to offer our support to USAA and their effort to bring World Class events to the USA for the benefit of the USAA membership and archers around the world".

The U.S. Target Championships and Hoyt World Open are scheduled to be shot in conjunction with the NFAA Field Championships in Yankton, S.D. July 27-31st. Be sure to visit for further details regarding this event registration information which will be coming soon.

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