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November 26, 2008

Acting CEO Denise Parker Discusses Organizational Changes within USA Archery


It has been nearly four weeks since the Board of Directors initiated significant 

organizational changes for USA Archery and I wanted to update you on our progress. 


The Transition Task Force (Lloyd Brown, Derek Davis, Sheri Rhodes) and I met this 

past week with Coach Lee and Guy Krueger.  The purpose of our meeting was to 

review the coach development programs and athlete pipeline with an eye toward 

blending new programs implemented by Coach Lee with USA Archery's existing 

certification structure. The group evaluated programs such as the Regional High 

Performance Coaching program and Champs as well as partner organization's 

programs like the Community Coaching Course. The ultimate goal was to develop a 

unified path that our organization can support. 


I can tell you with unqualified confidence that the meeting was successful.  On, or 

shortly after, January 1, 2009, we plan to unveil the results of our work along with any 

implications it may have for specific individuals. Without going into too much detail, 

because we are still working out various transition scenarios, we intend to outline paths 

that show how to access opportunities for athletes, coaches and instructors. I can, 

however, tell you that for any current Level 2, 3 or 4 coach whose certifications are set 

to expire before the end of the year or anytime in 2009, your certification will be 

extended to at least December of 2009. Extension letters will be sent no later than 

January 15th. 


You will also see that we have posted three job openings: CEO; a redefined High 

Performance Manager position; and a new Coach Development Manager.  This clearly 

demonstrates the importance the Board has placed over the next quadrennial on the 

development and coordination of the coaching and athlete pipelines.  The Board is 

determined to create developmental opportunities and provide staffing to administer the 



We have also spent the last month reaching out to industry partners to ask for support 

for USA Archery.  I am happy to announce the Easton Sports Development Foundation 

has strengthened our partnership with a contribution totaling $307,000.  The grant is 

distributed into two types of funding.  The first is $137,000 of restricted funding directed 

to College Archery Programs while the balance of $170,000 is unrestricted funding that 

USA Archery can use at its discretion. 


The staff has also been working on the USOC and USAA Athlete Advisory Council 

voting process.  We have worked closely with the USOC to ensure that our guidelines 

and eligible pool list matched their requirements for these slots. We are recreating the 

eligible pool list and are nearly complete.  We intend to be prepared to send ballots out 

by Monday, December 5th.  


I want to thank those of you who have contacted me with suggestions and concerns.  I 

feel the staff has a good grasp of the issues and is working toward solutions. Thank you 

for your patience as we all work toward making USA Archery the best it can be. 

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