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Planning for Your Team

The following steps will help guide you through the process of starting an archery team at your college or university.

  • Build interest with students on campus
  • Secure a faculty advisor
  • Meet with the Club Sports Director, Dean of Student Life, Director of Student Development or Affairs
  • Become sanctioned by the school
  • Register the program with USA Archery

Build Interest with Students on Campus

At many schools, archery teams are started by one interested student. If you are interested in starting a program, but do not have a group of other interested archers, there are many ways to grow a group of members:

  • Post fliers around campus
  • Promote the team on social media
  • Create a website
  • Advertise in university publications
  • Participate in student organization/club sports fairs at the beginning of the school year
  • Host a pizza social for interested students

Be sure to gather contact information from interested students in order to grow your network.

Secure an Advisor

Many universities require student organizations and club sports programs to have a faculty or staff advisor. If you have an individual in mind, request a meeting to discuss their involvement. Come prepared with the list of prospective members you have gathered as well as any requirements the school has for advisors. If you are unsure who to ask to be the advisor, this can be addressed when you meet with the Club Sports Director, Dean of Student Life, Director of Student Development or Affairs, etc.

Meet with the Club Sports Director, Dean of Student Life, Director of Student Development or Affairs

Once you have secured a list of prospective members and an advisor, set up a meeting with the appropriate school administrator to help you better understand how the program will be structured. In general the following options are available:

  • Registered Student Organization (Dean of Student Life, Director of Student Development/Affairs)
    • Often times registered student organizations will have the following characteristics:
      • Unfunded student-run organizations on campus
      • Less barrier to entry than official sport clubs or varsity sports
  • Official Sport Club (Club Sports Director)
    • Club Sports will often be organized through the Campus Recreation Department. Many colleges and universities have a dedicated Club Sports Director to provide administrative assistance to the various sport club organizations.
    • Other benefits of club sport programs may include:
      • Increased access to campus facilities
      • Funding from school
      • Ability to receive tax-deductible donations
      • Marketing support through Campus Recreation Department
      • Dedicated club sport vehicles to assist with team travel
      • Elected officers
      • Note: Check with your Club Sports Director to see if there is an official Club Sports Handbook that outlines the process for applying to become a club sport, what is required to maintain club sport status, code of conduct information and more.
  • Varsity Sport (Athletic Department)
    • At some colleges and universities, the athletic department may be willing to add a new sport to the athletic department’s offerings. If this is the case at your campus, USA Archery, your advisor or coach can assist in talking to athletic department staff members about starting a varsity archery program

Additional Considerations

  • Will the program be recreational in nature, competitive, or both?
  • Will the program participate and send archers to local, state, regional, and national competitions?
  • Who will coach the program?
  • Email: Please choose a permanent email address for the program (not one that will be abandoned after a club officer graduates)
  • Where and when will the program meet?
  • Will the program charge dues from its members?
  • Will the program supply equipment to archers, or will archers be required to supply their own equipment?
  • How will the program be structured (i.e. club officers)?
  • Choose a Program Name-Collegiate Archery Program Clubs must include the name of the university 

Become Sanctioned by the School

Once you have determined how the program will be structured, you are ready to complete and submit application paperwork to become an official Registered Student Organization/Club Sport/Varsity Sport on campus.

Register the Program with USA Archery

Many schools require their student organizations, club sports, and/or varsity programs to be officially registered with the National Governing Body for the sport. USA Archery is the National Governing Body for the sport of archery in the United States.

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