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Recurve Division – Per World Archery Rules Book 3, Chapter 11, Section 11.1
Compound Division – Per World Archery Rules Book 3, Chapter 11, Section 11.2
Bowhunter Division – Per USA Archery Rules (Below)
Barebow Division – Per World Archery Rules Book 4, Chapter 22, Section 22.3

NOTE: Specific divisions may differ from event to event depending on local organizer and participation levels.

NOTE: Collegiate archers participating in Collegiate Archery Program Events (i.e. National Indoor Championships Collegiate Division, Regional Outdoor Collegiate Championships, National Outdoor Collegiate Championships, National 3D Collegiate Championships may only register to compete in ONE division.

Bowhunter Division Rules

USA Archery will adhere to the Compound Division of World Archery rules with the following exceptions:

    • Sight: Any sight pin or ring that is used without the aid of magnification. Clarifiers and Verifiers will be permitted. No adjustments to equipment is allowed during a round.
    • Stabilizers: A front stabilizer (or a system including quick releases, enhancers and/or weights) may be used, but may not exceed twelve inches (12”) in total length from the tip of the stabilizer (or system) to the point of attachment on the front of the riser provided by the manufacturer.  A single rear stabilizer or a single counter balance weight system may be used, with no restriction in length as measured from the point of attachment on the riser.
    • Outer 10-ring scoring – indoor.

Note: The U.S. National 3-D Collegiate Championship event will follow Archery Shooter's Association equipment rules.

Team Categories

Three Person Team – Per World Archery Rules
Mixed Team – Per World Archery Rules

USA Archery Sanctioned Event Rules

USA Archery SaNctioned Event Rules

NOTE: When archers are competing in an event where there is no "Team" competition, i.e. U.S. National Indoor, USAT qualifying events, etc., they will not need to meet the collegiate "team uniform" requirements as outlined in the USAA Dress code.  All archers would need to meet the individual requirements of the dress code.

  • Early in 2015, World Archery published an updated by-law to the rules governing Camo clothing and equipment. Camo is a pattern including colors traditionally found in nature: blacks, greys, greens, sand, beige, and whites (forest or desert situations). These new by-laws, which apply to World Archery events from World Ranking tournaments to multi-sport games, Continental Championships, World Championships and Olympic/Paralympic Games, state the following:

Book 3 Target - Chapter 11 - Article 11.3.3: Athlete equipment shall not include camouflage colors of any kind.
Book 3 Target - Chapter 20 - Article 20.1.1: No denim, jeans or camouflage clothes and equipment may be worn, no any oversize or baggy type pants or shorts.
Book 4 Field and 3D - Chapter 33 - Article 33.3: Clothing and equipment shall not be camouflage. 

USA Archery has determined that we will allow camo patterned equipment at all sanctioned events. Camo clothing is still not allowed.

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