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2022 Corner Cup

2022 Corner Cup - Money Shoot Format:

Championship/Pro (Open)        Compound (Open)         Compound (Bowhunter)

Recurve (Open)        Recurve (Barebow / Traditional) 

REGISTRATION FEES: Fees increased $5 per shooter for 2022 to cover the Arizona Game and Fish (AZGFD) adult shooter fees.

  • Flight Registration fee: $60.00 with a 50% payback. (Includes AZGFD Shooter Fee)

  • Championship Open Registration fee: $100.00 with a 100% payback. (Includes AZGFD Shooter Fee)

Registration Opens 09/15/22

  • Shooting Sessions are on a first-come-first-served basis. Make sure to sign up for the session you want to be in as the shoot does reach maximum occupancy. Max number of shooters is limited to 156.

Early Registration Closes 12/01/22

Refunds -

  • Refunds are subject to a $5 processing fee

  • No refunds after close of registration on 12/01/22


  • Shoot what you bring (compound, recurve, barebow, NO CROSSBOWS, NO RIFLES, NO HANDGUNS, NO FIREARMS!)

  • 60lb Draw Weight Limit - Bow greater than 60lbs in draw weight can damage the target bales.

  • All archers will shoot a 5-spot or single spot NFAA style target (blue / white) on Saturday.

    • Scoring is as follows: X counts as a 6, then the rest of the target is scored as 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

  • All archers will shoot a 3-spot or single spot VEGAS/NFAA style target (multi-colored) on Sunday.

    • Scoring is as follows: X counts as an 11, then the rest of the target is scored as 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

  • Archers will switch shooting positions at the half. Top moves to bottom and bottom moves to top.

  • New for 2022 is we will be utilizing electronic scoring. All scoring will be live and available on Between Ends after day 1. Scoring will not be live on day 1.

The LEGAL Stuff -Don't do anything stupid and YES, you can wear jeans, or camo, or whatever. Just make it appropriate. 

VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER (AGAIN... VERY IMPORTANT) - Youth archers competing for prize money may affect their amateur status as a student athlete. It is important to understand the rules associated with prize money and information can be found at 

Divisions - There are five designated divisions for this event and all divisions with the exception of the Championship Open division are also separated by male and female. In the event that there is under five (5) male or five (5) female in a given division that division will be combined and there will be no gender separation.  Those registered in the Championship Open division may NOT shoot in the Flight division as well.

Division Equipment Rules follow NFAA/Vegas

  • Compound Open Male & Female

  • Compound Bowhunter Male & Female

  • Recurve Open Male & Female

  • Recurve Traditional/Barebow Male & Female

  • Championship/Pro Open

Division Shoot Time

  • Flights will shoot at either Morning, Mid-Morning, or Afternoon Session.

  • Championship Open shoot on Saturday/Sunday Morning, Mid-Morning, or Afternoon Sessions. 5 slots are reserved for each shooting time for a total of 15 archers in the Championship Open at this time. Archers competing in this division must be available on Sunday at conclusion of the Afternoon Session in the event of a tie to compete in a shoot-off to determine the winner.

  • Morning Session starts at 700am, Mid-Morning Session starts at 1000am, Afternoon Session starts at 1pm

Format - The shoot is a two (2) day shoot consisting of two (2) different targets at the same distance of 18m each day. 


Please Note: As a registered participant in a USA Archery sanctioned event, you are required to adhere to the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies for the duration of the event.




Ben Avery Shooting Facility Indoor Range, 4044 W. Black Canyon Blvd., Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America, 85086


[email protected]


+1 623-842-3337

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End Date:



Barebow (Recurve), Compound, Fixed Pins and Recurve

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