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The East River Archery Winter Invitational (Stage 2)

The East River Archery Club (H.S.) is hosting the 2nd of a 3 tournament series invitational.  We have invited Florida OAS archers, coaches, parents, friends and alumni.  The title of series champion will be awarded at the end of the tournament series.  To be considered for the series champion title you must participate in at least two of the three tournaments.  The two highest 60 arrow rounds for each archer will be combined to determine a male and female champion in each of the three divisions. The 60 arrow round will be posted on the East River Archery and World Archery websites after each part of the series.  In each of the three sessions we can safely (socially distanced) accommodate 20 outdoor archers. We should have no more than 20 archers and our staff on or close to the range during each session, for successive sessions archers should arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before their designated time slot. Parents and spectators will have to spread out in the courtyard. Once your scoring session has commenced, we ask that you kindly pack up and vacate the premises, as to minimize physical interactions.

All archers must register for the Indoor Archery World Series at wareos (optional), download the scorekeeper app ianseo, complete the 3 waivers, complete the archer information form, and pay $7.00 on school pay, and bring your printed score card that will be emailed to you by World Archery (wareos). I will have a printer on site if you cant print from home. This tournament series doubles as an Indoor/Outdoor Archery World Series event and is hosted on corresponding days. You will shoot one 60 arrow round that will count twice, once for the World Series and once for the local East River Winter Invitational. Coach McCormick is now a certified judge, and he will be assisted by Coach Dowling our senior (L4) club coach in managing the event. Please sign up for the required FREE Indoor Archery World Series and other required documentation at the links below. Community service positions are available.

Each Archer will receive their own clean target face.

WAREOS Registration Instructional Video:


Signup for Archery World Series (wareos):

ianseo (archery scorekeeper app):

Archer Information Form:

Cost: $7.00

Where to Pay:  Please make payment at our tax deductible school pay site (convenience fee) or pay cash in person (no convenience fee).  Please make sure to list the name of your archer and their USA Archery membership # in the additional information requested section when you pay. 

USA Archery Membership Requirement:  In order for the tournament to be insured all participating archers must be members of USA Archery. ****USA Archery is offering a free first year membership to OAS school archers that sign up with USA Archery for the first time.

Distance: - 18 meters HS/MS/Adult, 9 meters MS (not eligible for Archery World Series)

Target Face:  World Archery 40 cm

Format: 20 ends of 3 arrows each

Award Age Brackets: 

MS - boys/girls

HS - boys/girls

Adult - Alumni, Coaches, and Parents

COVID precautions: CDC guidelines are to be followed.  Wear a mask, the only time you can take your mask off is when at the shooting line about to shoot or 6 ft. away and eating/drinking (preferably outdoors).  We are trying to model our event like USA archery has done recently.   There is more than enough room in our courtyard for everyone and their families to socially distance during each time slot.  We have time frames listed below, we can accommodate 1-2 OAS schools at a time.  Once your 60 arrows are scored, then your day is done.  The results will be posted online at our website and awards will be given to the archers coach at the end of the series. If you want to reserve a specific time slot for your school please contact [email protected]  We will do our best to keep as many archers from the same school together as possible.  There will be two archers per target shooting one person at a time.

Results will be posted on the East River Archery site link below and World Archery

Estimated Shoot Times each time slot can host 20 archers.:

Friday - 12/18 (1:45 - 5:45)

Saturday - 12/19 (8:00 - 12:00) (12:15 - 4:15)

Sunday - TBD




650 East River Falcons Way, Room#538, Between 500-600 buildings, Orlando, Florida, United States of America, 32833


[email protected]


407-956-8550 ex6332588

Start Date:


End Date:



Barebow (Recurve), Compound and Recurve


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