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Instructor Resources

The following activity copy pages are available for Explore Archery instructors to download and print. Click the name of the activity to download the resource.

Explore Archery Instructor Resources

Resources include:

  • Blackjack    
  • Candy Shoot    
  • Cup Shoot    
  • Horseshoes    
  • Lucky Stars    
  • Nock Tac Toe
  • Scorecard

Range Development Resources

Considering building a community archery park or an indoor/outdoor archery facility? The Archery Trade Association’s Archery Park and Easton Foundations’ Archery Facility Planning guides can be great resources. 

Archery Range Guides -  Each guidebook includes tips, maps, photographs, case studies, helpful graphics, detailed how-to information, and potential layouts and suggestions for building ranges. They cover everything in the building process, including costs, safety features, access control, frequently asked questions, land and staff requirements, and much more.  
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Grant Resources

USA Archery offers grant opportunities for partners looking to promote Explore Archery in their communities. Please contact [email protected] for more information. You may view our current Partners here.

Marketing Resources

Download the Explore Archery brochure

If you are interested in using the Explore Archery logo to promote your program, contact USA Archery at [email protected].

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