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2022 Traditional Target Archery Indoor Championships

The Indoor Traditional Championships Tournament is held within the USAA National Indoor Championships framework.

For the USAA general tournament there will be two divisions available to register in: Traditional Recurve and Longbow.

Traditional Recurve: register in that division.

All others  (modern longbow, traditional longbow, Euro/Asiatic bow) can go into either the composite Longbow or the Traditional Recurve division, whichever you feel fits your bow the best.  If you are shooting two traditional bow styles you can put one in each division.

The registration portal does not allow for all the individual bow designations. Once you have registered send us an e-mail about what bow you are shooting.

USAA will give out national awards only for its Traditional Recurve and Longbow divisions.

However, the Traditional Divisions will maintain a separate data base of the individual bow styles. Additional awards for each style will be given at the conclusion of the tournament.

USAA does not permit shooting multiple times in one division. Instructions for registering multiple Euro/Asiatic bows or longbows:

1. Register through the portal for your first bow.

2. Have your venue director register you manually for the second bow in the other trad division and then e-mail us the information.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

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