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This seminar/course is designed for both new and experienced judges of all levels; whether you are an experienced Certified or National Judge looking to further your knowledge, or if you are new to judging, this course has much to offer. This two-day seminar will be lead by Andy Neville. The curriculum will focus on educating and developing judges at all levels to make the right calls every time. Topics will include:

Philosophy of Judging

Communications with Organizers/Coaches/Archers

Judges Responsibilities before, during and after the tournament

Field inspection, Equipment and Dress Code Inspection Procedures

Line Judging (equipment failures, 3 meter line) and timing.

Arrow Value Calling, Target judging and Scoring

Indoor Scoring and Match play

Rules and resources (Where to find them and how to read them.)

Hands on judging exercises and case study examples

Cost of the seminar is $75/person plus $30 exam fee for those interested in taking the Certified Judge Exam or the National Judge Exam.

For questions and to register, contact Andy Neville at [email protected]


Certified Judge Course


4216 Beulah Rd, Richmond, Virginia, United States of America, 23237


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