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If you dream of representing Team USA Archery on the world stage as an athlete, coach or team leader, then USA Archery can help you fulfill that dream.

USA Archery is here to help you every step of the way.


General requirements for representing the U.S. at all international events.

  • Must be a USA Archery member in good standing
  • Nationality/Passport requirements:
    • To be eligible to participate as a member of a National Team in International Events, an athlete shall have a valid passport from the country of which they are a National Team Member and shall not have represented any other Member Association as a National Team Member for at least one year before the date of the competition.
    • If an athlete wants to compete for a National Team other than the one for which they hold a valid passport, they shall have resided in the new country for at least one year before the date of the competition and shall have the written permission of the Member Association, if any, of the country from which they have a valid passport.
    • An athlete who has changed their nationality, or acquired a new nationality, will need to notify World Archery of the change before they compete internationally representing USA and may not represent the USA until one year after such a change or acquisition.
    • An athlete who has a valid passport of two or more countries at the same time may represent either of them, as they choose. They shall, however, meet the conditions in i. through iii. above.
  • Current U.S. passport that will not expire for six months after the conclusion of the event
  • Athlete must meet age requirements set by USA Archery or World Archery
  • Must maintain a current SafeSport training course (18 years and older)
  • Must maintain a current USA Archery background screening (18 years and older)
  • For some events athletes may need to meet minimum score requirements set by USA Archery or World Archery
  • Must know and abide by World Archery Rules

For more information on international events email [email protected]

USA Archery members can earn an opportunity to represent the United States at international events via the United States Archery Team (USAT) Selection process and/or by participating in U.S. Team Trials events. Please review the posted International Team Athlete Selection Procedures and the U.S. Team Trials schedule for more information on team selection processes for funded events.

Funded international events are where athlete expenses are paid for by USA Archery. Expenses covered for funded international events include meals, travel insurance, ground transportation, flights, lodging, travel stipends, uniforms, team leader, coaching services, and sports medicine services (when available). Funding information by category is provided in the Athlete Stipend and Support Program document.

USA Archery Funded events most often include but are not limited to:

  • World Cups
  • World Championships
  • Junior Pan American Games
  • Para Pan and Pan American Games
  • Youth Olympic Games
  • Olympic and Paralympic Games

International events can have two types of registration:

  • Closed Registration: Only USA Archery may register participants for closed registration events. If a self-funded athlete is going to a closed registration event, USA Archery will manage the registration entry process and provide the member with an invoice for the registration package. The event registration package may include the registration fee, ground transportation, meals, travel insurance (required by World Archery at a cost of 100 CHF), hotel, and uniforms (if applicable). All registrations processed by USA Archery are also assessed a $200 administrative fee.
  • Open Registration: Current USA Archery members may register for Open Registration events on World Archery’s OPEN WAREOS or directly through the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). All open registration events are self-funded only.

An athlete may request to bring a personal coaches to an international event.

USA Archery is limited to the number of staff they can bring to each event and this includes personal coaches. Unless specified differently by the organizing committee, the maximum number of staff credentials allowed at any international event is 50% of the number of total registered athletes. For example, if there are 10 archers competing in an event, only 5 staff credentials will be allocated. All personal coaches must register for each international event, and also review the Personal Coach Policy and Form. All requests for personal coaches will be accommodated on a first come first served basis until the number of available accreditations has been exhausted. Personal coaches must self fund to each event and will be required to pay for their own travel and registration fees for each event.

Many international events allow guests to attend the events. All guests are responsible for their own travel costs and registration fees. A guest is considered a spectator who is not permitted on the field of play.

General requirements for Guest at all international events.

  • Must be a USA Archery member in good standing
  • Must maintain a current SafeSport training course (18 years and older)
  • Must maintain a current USA Archery background screening (18 years and older)

Most international events will require participants to wear a national uniform. Self-funded athletes will be directed to purchase a USA Archery designated jersey from the USA Archery approved supplier prior to the event.

International events follow World Archery Rules for dress code.

For more information on international events contact [email protected].

  1. Where can I view indoor and outdoor international event offerings?
    1. You may view the World Archery calendar of events and results here.
  2. What equipment do I need to bring for an international event?
    1. You should bring the same equipment you compete with at any USA Archery event. It is always a good idea to have backup equipment at any event. When traveling internationally, consider brining a back up bow and carry on important items such as a finger tab or release vs packing in checked luggage.
  3. Are team rounds offered at self-funded international events?
    1. Yes, depending on the amount of participants registered from each country, the following team rounds may be offered: Mixed Team (1 person per gender from the same discipline) or Teams (maximum 3 people per gender from the same discipline).
  4. For Para teams, a maximum of 2 people per gender from the same discipline will compete.
    1. For some youth events Teams may be a a maximum of 2 people per gender from the same discipline.
  5. How do I prepare to be internationally competitive?
    1. Participate in USAT events such as Arizona Cup, Gator Cup, SoCal Showdown, Buckeye Classic and Target Nationals and U.S. Open and U.S. Team Trials events. These events help you earn national ranking points required toward earning a future spot on funded/closed registration events and will allow you to compete against top competitors to see how you rank.
    2. Attend self-funded international events to help develop competition and performance under pressure skills.
  6. Are parents required to travel with a youth athlete internationally?
    1. Any athlete under the age of 18 is required to travel with either a parent or legal guardian to an international event.
  7. Are VISAS necessary to travel for international events?
    1. Depending upon the country the event is located in, a visa may be necessary.
  8. Is World Archery International Insurance mandatory for international events?
    1. Only events that are CLOSED REGISTRATON are mandatory to pay for the WA International Insurance. For more information please check WA Insurance explanation. Also check WA Insurance page for all details about the plan.
  9. For more information on specific countries visit the U.S. Department of State.


USA Archery conducts Team Trials to select athletes to certain international events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, World Championships, etc. Trials events may be held in conjunction with other USAT events or be held-as stand-alone trials events.

International Tournaments

While USA Archery fields teams to World Championships, World Cups and more, there are often international event opportunities with open event registration. These events can be a great way to gain international competition experience, see the world, make new friends and take your skills to the next level. 

Upcoming International Events

All Events are subject to change/cancel. Please check WA or WAA events calendar for more information.

International event funding changes every year and all allocations are described in the Athlete Stipends and support programs.

Start Date End Date Event Name City/STATE Country Self-funded or Funded opportunity Open/Closed registration
1/19/24 1/21/24 Nimes Archery Tournament Nimes France Self-funded Open
2/2/24 2/4/24 The Vegas Shoot Las Vegas, NV USA Self-funded Open
3/2/23 3/7/24 Paralympic Games Final Qualification Tournament (Individual and Teams) Dubai UAE Self-funded and Funded Closed
3/25/24 3/31/24 South American Open Championships Marica Brazil Self-funded Open
4/9/24 4/14/24 Pan American Championships Medellin Colombia Funded Closed
4/22/24 4/28/24 Parapan American Championships Sao Paulo Brazil Self-funded Closed
4/23/24 4/28/24 World Cup #1  Shanghai China Funded Closed
5/6/24 5/12/24 Pan American Youth and Masters Championships San Salvador El Salvador Self-funded Closed
5/21/24 5/26/24 World Cup #2 Yecheon Korea Funded Closed
6/14/24 6/16/24 Olympic Games Final Qualification Tournament (Individual and Teams) Antalya Turkey Funded Closed
6/18/24 6/23/24 World Cup #3 Antalya Turkey Funded Closed
6/22/24 6/29/24 Para WRE Nova Mesto CZE Self-funded and Funded Closed
7/10/24 7/14/24 Caribbean Development Championship Ocho Rios Jamaica Self-funded Open
7/11/24 7/14/24 Pan Am Masters Games Cleveland, OH USA Self-funded Open
7/25/24 8/4/24 Olympic Games  Paris France Funded Closed
8/28/24 9/8/24 Paralympics Games Paris France Funded Closed
9/3/24 9/8/24 World Ranking Event Puerto Iguazú Argentina Self-funded Open
9/16/24 9/22/24 World Archery Field Championships Lac La Biche Canada Self-funded Closed
9/30/24 10/6/24 World archery 3D Championships Mokrice Slovenia Self-funded Closed
10/18/24 10/20/24 World Cup Final Tlaxcala Mexico Funded Closed
10/22/24 10/31/24 U18 ISF Gymnasiade Manama Bahrain Self-funded Open/Closed


View World Archery Americas' (formerly Coparco) Calendar of Events

View World Archery’s Calendar of Events

If there is any international event that requires NOC support for registration, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Opportunities to compete at international events with Open Event Registration is available to any USA Archery member.

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