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2024 Vegas Vengeance

2024 Vegas Vengeance


May 18, 2024


Archery/ Air Pistol Indoor Range

Ben Avery Shooting Facility

Phoenix, Arizona


25 Meter Format  

Archers shoot a 60 Arrow round on the Vegas Triangle 40 CM or the Single Spot 40 CM.

This is not a recognized World Archery round and will not be eligible for records

All divisions shoot Outer 10 Scoring- X's then 10's are the tie breaker

4 Archers Per Bale

3 Arrow ends.  2 Minutes per end.

Compound Bow 60 Pound Limit, Recurve Bow and Barebow 

Divisions to follow World Archery Rules with exception of arrow diameter.

MEMBERSHIP – USAA required.  Number and experation date required.

USA Archer Membership.  Temporary on is fine.

Tournament Dress Code Policy
The USA Archery Dress Code Policy applies to the following individuals when in front of the
Spectator Line at USA Archery Sanctioned Events:
Athletes, coaches, managers, credentialed media, team officials, tournament officials, and
archer agents.
1. Must present a professional, athletic appearance while on the field. (Torn, ripped or badly faded clothing articles are not allowed.) Clothing may be of any color, except as noted below.
2. No camo or blue denim (jeans) may be worn at target events. Accessories such as trim onshirts, caps, quivers, armguards, footwear, etc., are permitted to be camo. At field and 3-Devents, denim may be worn but camo may not be worn.
3. Shorts, skorts and skirts must not be shorter than fingertip length while standing normally.  Leggings (tight fitting/yoga-type stretch pants) are allowed when worn with compliant shorts, skorts or skirts.
4. Men and women are required to wear upper garments covering the front and back of the body and covering the midriff when at full draw. Women's upper garments shall have a minimum strap of 3" or sleeves. Men's upper garments shall have short or long sleeves.
5. Shoes must cover the entire foot. Sport/athletic shoes are recommended to all athletes and coaches during target events.
6. At no time will any athlete or coach wear any article bearing any image or language to be considered offensive to others.
7. When participating in the U.S. National Outdoor Collegiate Championships, U.S. National 3-D Collegiate Championships, and Regional Outdoor Collegiate Championships, archers and team officials must wear tops that indicate what school they are representing. Apparel must conform to all university rules regarding school logo usage. During the Team and Mixed Team Rounds, all
members of one team by class and division shall be dressed in the same team uniform. The teams of one school may wear different design and color uniforms (i.e. team in different classes and divisions are not required to match). Team coaches and managers may wear a different style uniform than the team, but should wear the same colors and should be easily identified as
the official of their team. Headwear is optional. In the case of inclement weather, exceptions will be made by Chairman of Juges (i.e. raingear, jackets, etc.)

Arrow Requirements: 27/64 Arrows maximum


“Senior”, (any age)

“Masters” from the year of their 50th birthday

“U21” through the calendar year of their 20th birthday

“U18” through the calendar year of their 17th birthday

“U15” through the calendar year of their 14th birthday

“U13” through the calendar year of their 12th birthday


Bow Divisions:

            Recurve: per World Archery Rules

            Compound: per World Archery Rules

            Barebow: per World Archery Rules


Tournament CONTACT Information:

Hosted by: ............................. Desert Sky Archers

Tournament Director: ............ Rick Bachman                                  

Email ..................................... [email protected]


Payment is made at time of registration via Paypal.  All Registrations must be paid via Paypal.  No registration is complete until payment is made.  No Refunds for cancelations after May 13, 2024.  Not understanding the rules after the No Refunds May 13, 2024; does not constitute a reason for a refund.


Space is limited – Register soon. 


Online waiver must be agreed to prior to participation in event.



On time registration

All Archers $45.00


Registration is open until the venue is full, or when DSA closes to organize tournament which may be before May 13 2024.




Session 1  Saturday May 18th  25 Meters

               Equipment Inspection/Check In              8:00AM

               Official Practice (2 rounds)                     8:30AM

               Scoring Begins 1st – 30 arrows after official practice

               Break Approximately 10 minutes

               Scoring 2nd – 30 arrows


Session 2  Saturday May 18th  25 Meters

               Equipment Inspection/Check In              12:15PM

               Official Practice (2 rounds)                     12:45PM

               Scoring Begins 1st – 30 arrows after official practice

               Break Approximately 10 minutes

               Scoring 2nd – 30 arrows


 Award Ceremony to follow approximately 15 minutes after final end of Session 2

Archers not present to receive awards can may arrangements to pick them up or pay to have them mailed their address.




Ben Avery Shooting Facility Indoor Range, 5060 W Skeet Street, Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America, 85086


[email protected]


+1 6233966547

Start Date:


End Date:



Barebow (Recurve), Compound and Recurve

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