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2023 Oklahoma State Outdoor Championship


2023 Oklahoma State and JOAD Outdoor Championships

September 23, 2023 


Tournament Location:                                                   

Trosper Archery Club                                      

2210 SE Grand Blvd                                                                                                                 

Oklahoma City, OK                                                                                                                     


**Registration closes: 19 September 2023**

Shooting Fees:

All adult divisions: $40.00 (Senior and Masters 50+, 60+ & 70+)

All JOAD divisions: $30.00 (U9 - U21)


Register Online: USA Archery Events - click "Enter" below to begin your registration.


Format:  FITA Qualifying Round (72 arrows) 

               + Elimination – Set System for Recurve/Barebow, Cumulative Match Scoring for Compound/Fixed Pin

Elimination - For fun "Top Banana" matchplay. Archers in each division will compete against each other across age classes to allow maximum participation.                                                                                                                     

E.g. All female Recurve archers will compete against each other at their respective distances.                               

- This is an optional round and must be selected during the registration process.

Age is based on 12/31/23 (Age Class Calculator:                                 

 Recurve - Senior & U21 (Junior 18-20)                                                           70 Meters

 Recurve  - Masters 50+, 60+ & 70+, U18 (Cadet 15-17)                                60 Meters

 Recurve - U15 (Cub 13-14)                                                                               50 Meters

 Recurve - U13 (Bowman)                                                                                  30 Meters 

 Recurve - 9 and Under (Yeoman)                                                                     15 Meters  

Compound - Senior, U21 (Junior 18 -20), U18 (Cadet 15-17)                        50 Meters

Compound - Masters 50+, 60+, 70+                                                                  50 Meters

Compound - U15 (Cub 13-14)                                                                            30 Meters

Compound - U13 (Bowman >12)                                                                       25 Meters 

Compound - 9 and Under (Yeoman)                                                                 15 Meters  

Fixed Pins - U21 (Junior 18 -20), U18 (Cadet 15-17)                                       50 Meters

Fixed Pins - U15 (Cub 13-14)                                                                              30 Meters

Fixed Pins - U13 (Bowman > 12)                                                                        25 Meters 

Fixed Pins - 9 and Under (Yeoman)                                                                   15 Meters 

Barebow - Masters 50+, 60+, 70+ /Senior/U21 (Jr)/U18 (Cadet)                50 Meters

Barebow - U15 (Cub 13-14) / U13 (Bowman)                                                30 Meters 

Barebow -9 and Under (Yeoman)                                                                    15 Meters 

Basic Compound - U15 (Cub 13-14) / U13 (Bowman)                                  30 Meters

Basic Compound - 9 and Under (Yeoman)                                                     15 Meters 

Para - Same distance as above Classes and Divisions, 80cm 10-ring target (W1).

Para archers must be have USA Archery classification.

All compound archers shoot individual 6 ring 80cm targets, All recurve/barebow archers shoot 122cm targets



Check in: 7:00 AM

Bow Inspection: 7:30 AM

Announcements: 8:00 AM

Start: 8:30 AM 

Qualification Round Awards                     

30 minute lunch break between Qualifying Round Awards and Elimination 

Elimination Match Play: This will be for fun!  Please indicate in your registration if you plan to participate.


State Championship Medals given to top 3 places in all divisions based on 72 arrow qualifying round (out-of-state guests are eligible for awards in guest divisions).

Elimination Awards given for top finisher for all divisions (combined age classes, shooting at respective distances).



-   All USA Archery / World Archery / JOAD rules will be in effect (60# limit for compound bows).      

-  USA Archery (NAA) membership is required to compete per USA Archery Sanction rules. NFAA archers may also obtain a Temporary USA Archery membership free of cost at  Temporary membership for unaffiliated archers may be purchased for $20 per event, please contact [email protected] with questions or see this page:


For more information, contact:

Samantha Gildenhuys ([email protected]) / (256) 735-8788





Trosper Archery Park, 2201 SE Grand Blvd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States of America, 73129


[email protected]


+1 256 735 8788

Start Date:


End Date:



Barebow (Recurve), Basic Compound, Compound, Fixed Pins, Para Compound, Para Recurve, Para V.I., Para W1 and Recurve

Entry List:



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