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2022 FITA Archers of PA Indoor State Championship

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·      All OUT of STATE archers need to register as a GUEST

·      We will be having In-State awards and Out of State awards

·      PA States- Saturday & Sunday 9am, 12:30pm, choice of 1 shooting time; 60-arrow event.

·      Late registration Feb. 1, 2022

·      Registration will close Feb. 6, 2022

·      Registration fee is $35.

·      Late registration is $40. Starting Feb. 1-5, 2022

·      There will be 2 ends of official practice.

·      Lancaster- Main Shooting Range & Shooting Center will be used for practice.

·      Must follow CDC guidelines.

·      All participants will be required to agree to a waiver during registration.

·      Mandatory temperature checks upon entering buildings

·      Lancaster Archery is a Non-Smoking Facility

·      Please check-in upon arrival.

·      Check website for target assignments.

·      There will be double scoring.  Lancaster will have electronic scoring along with a scorecard. Scorecard is official.  

·      Equipment inspection will be completed before shooting begins

·      Parking:

o   LAS Archery parking lot is limited.  Please follow signs for additional parking. 

·      Food:

o   LAS  concessions will be open.  You are welcome to bring your own food. 

·      Food will be allowed in the shooting range but not past the shooting line. 

·      Awards will be distributed on Sunday following the 12:30p line or mailed.

·      Refunds will have a service charge.

·      No bow case storage.  It is recommended to assemble bow before entering the building.  


Tournament Format:

Pa State Championship: Feb. 12-13, 2022 @ 9am or 12:30pm


Ø  Distance will be 18 meters, except 9 year old or younger Yeoman @ 9m

Ø  PA States-Recurve Archers have a choice of a 40cm single-spot or vertical recurve 3-spot

Ø  PA States-Compound Archers have a choice of a 40cm single-spot or vertical compound 3-spot.

Ø  PA Divisions:

o   Recurve, Recurve Guest, Compound, Compound Guest, Barebow, Barebow Guest, Para and Bowhunter Collegiate Archers

Ø  PA Classifications:

o   Yeomen, Bowmen, Cub, Cadet, Junior,

o   Senior, Master 50+, Master 60+, Master 70+

Ø  ALL Compound archers will shoot inner ten ring

Ø  ALL Recurve archers will shoot outer ten ring

Ø  We will be hosting a “AB “& “CD”  line

Ø  Two archer per target bale, per line

Ø  Will have 2 minutes to shoot 3 arrows

Ø  Will have 10 sec. to go from waiting line to shooting line.

Ø  Will be following World archery rules

o   There will be no equipment failures

o   There will be no medical failures.

Ø  NO CAMO Clothing will be permitted








2195-A, Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States of America, 17602


[email protected]



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End Date:



Barebow (Recurve), Collegiate Bowhunter, Compound, Para Compound, Para Recurve, Para W1 and Recurve

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