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2022 Ohio JOAD Indoor Championship - Cincinnati Saturday 5pm ONLY

IF YOU SIGNED UP FOR THE "OHIO INDOOR" ALREADY ****STOP HERE ****  (If you are a JOAD archer you can choose to shoot EITHER tournament but not both.  If you shoot the JOAD event, your score will count towards the JOAD State championship.  If you shoot the All-ages event, your first day score will count towards the JOAD state championship and you will also shoot a second day to be counted towards the all-ages state championship.  Therefore, JOAD state titles will be determined by the end of shooting on Saturday.


Youth archers will shoot one 600 Round on Saturday at 5pm. Yeoman, Bowman and Cub, Recurve and Barebow will shoot on the 60cm face and everyone else will shoot 40cm.


We will use standard World Archery Scoring on Single and Triangle 3 spots.


World Archery Rules will apply

Dress Code

USA Archery Dress code will apply

Archers will shoot 60 arrows for score. Compounds will shoot the inner 10 ring. Recurves and Barebow will use the outer 10 ring. 5pm is when practice will start. There will be 3 practice ends immediately followed by scoring. There will be a 10 minute break after 30 arrows.  Please reach out to Chris Worthen if you have questions. 

Awards will be mailed out in early April as everything is 4-6 months out on custom medals.




General Charles H. Jones National Guard Armory, 3000 Symmes Rd., Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America, 45015


[email protected]



Start Date:


End Date:



Barebow (Recurve), Basic Compound, Compound and Recurve

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