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Hello Yellow #5 Outdoor Series 2022

The Hello Yellow Outdoor Tournament Series consists of 5 USA Archery sanctioned tournaments held Sattva Center for Archery Training’s outdoor range at Look Memorial Park in Florence, MA. Athletes are invited to register for one or more of the Tournaments in the Series. Archers looking to be eligible for Series Prizes must compete in 2 or more tournaments in the Series.

Each Hello Yellow outdoor tournament is a World Archery (FITA) 720 round. The “720” refers to the best possible score; in order to achieve a 720, an athlete needs to shoot 72 arrows in the 10 ring. Archers shoot 12 ends, 6 arrows at a time, with a 10-minute break after the 6th end. Athletes have 4 minutes to complete each end of 6 arrows.

While USA Archery sanctions each tournament, the Series as a whole is not sanctioned. Awards for each tournament are handed out after the last scoring end of each individual tournament. Sattva calculates and announces scores 5-10 minutes after all athletes hand in score cards. No waiting around!

SERIES HANDICAP: Hello Yellow Tournament Series utilizes a handicap system designed to allow all Disciplines, Age Classes and Gender to compete together. The handicap system rewards archers who improve their scores significantly over the course of the 5 tournaments and levels the playing field between disciplines. A young barebow archer, for example, could win the Series because the handicap will level their performance with a seasoned compound athlete. We developed the handicap here at Sattva based on systems used in archery in Australia, the UK, and in different sports such as Golf. 

NEW TO TOURNAMENTSLet us know if you are new to tournaments and we will go out of our way to make sure you feel welcome and informed. Sattva staff offer a pre-tournament orientation designed to walk new or inquisitive tournament archers through the tournament process. The orientation covers: timing system; equipment inspection; scoring; rules and etiquette for tournaments; and an orientation to the Sattva facility. Let the Sattva staff know that you want an orientation when you check in.

NON-COMPETITIVE OPTIONAll Hello Yellow tournaments offer a Non-Competitive class designed for those interested in shooting in a tournament but not “quite” ready for the requisite distance or added pressure. You get to choose the distance and target face size in the Non-Competitive class while shooting and scoring by the same rules as everyone else. Non-Competitive athletes are not ranked with those competing for rank. Although prizes are not awarded in the Non-Competitive class, this offers a rich opportunity to boost confidence levels for the hesitant athlete.




Look Memorial Park, 300 North Main Street, Florence, Massachusetts, United States of America, 01062


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Barebow (Recurve), Fixed Pins, Compound, Para Compound, Para Recurve, Recurve and Traditional Recurve

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