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Rules for the Tournament

There are two different competitions, each 30 arrows -- one using age divisions on the 40 cm target as with most USA Archery tournaments, the second by JOAD Achievement levels.

Participation – Participants must be a member of an active JOAD club to be eligible for awards in both parts. A participant who does not belong to a JOAD club can shoot both parts, but will not be eligible for awards, as these are the core of the JOAD program.

Achievement Level Determination – If your club is registered with USA Archery as a JOAD club but does not participate in the JOAD Achievement program, the score from the 30 arrow competition by age group will set the Achievement Level.

Target size or Inner-Outer Scoring – For the age division competition, the 40 cm and Outer/Inner 10 will be used by for recurve/compound. For the Achievement Level scoring, compound will score Outer 10 for levels up to and including Black; recurve will use the 60 cm target up to and including Black. Blue level and up will use Inner 10 and 40 cm target.

This is the best way to make the Achievement part equitable for all archers, and know the registration asked for target size, which may differ from this. But this is what the competition will use. 




Bull Run Shooting Center, 7700 Bull Run Drive, Centreville, Virginia, United States of America, 20121


[email protected]


+1 703-734-4900

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Barebow (Recurve), Compound and Recurve


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