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2021 USA Archery Flight Nationals

The object of Flight shooting is to achieve the furthest distance that can be shot with certain sets of equipment. 

All USA Archery and World Archery Flight Divisions are eligible to compete.

All Participants shall be a member of USA Archery.

Foreign Guests:  Please purchase a Temp Membership for Foreign Nationals, here:

Please note:  Schedule revisions may be necessary at the time of the tournament to accommodate special circumstances such as extreme weather conditions.  

Contestants are limited to shoot one equipment division per scheduled round/end. Contestants have the option of choosing which equipment division to shoot for each round/end, provided the registration of the equipment is complete prior to the round/end shot. The contestant has the option to compete with the same equipment division for all scheduled rounds/ends, or entering and competing in a different bow division for each round/end. For example, one can choose to shoot a 50lb Modern Asiatic bow for all rounds scheduled, or shooting the first 2 rounds with the 50lb Modern Asiatic and the next 2 rounds/ends with a 18kg Flight Bow, or shooting each round/end with a different bow type and weight.

Any contestant wishing to shoot any additional equipment (for testing or other reasons) may do so in an exhibition or demonstration round/end outside of the scheduled rounds/ends of the regular tournament. There will be no official results recorded for exhibition or demonstration rounds/ends.

Separate shoot times are available for equipment capable of extreme long distances (1000m+) at the beginning of each day. Shooting will take place on dedicated shooting line in order to streamline the event and provide time to locate, measure, and retrieve arrows. Example: Foot bow, Crossbow, Unlimited Flight bow.

Schedule of Events:  Posted to this event listing.

Registration fees:  Seniors = $60.00  Juniors = $40.00

Cancellation requests received on or before August 27, 2021, are subject to a 15% service fee.

For any questions contact:

Alan Case; [email protected]  917-998-5782, 




Bonneville Flight Range, Bonneville Speedway Road, Wendover, Utah, United States of America, 84083


[email protected]


+1 971-998-5782

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Compound, Crossbow, Longbow and Recurve

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