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Triple Crown Series - Fourth Stage

Index Archers presents the Triple Crown Series. 

This outdoor series is comprised of four stages being held on Sundays, May 23, June 6, July 18, and August 15.   Archers can register for all four stages, and their three highest scores combined will determine first, second, and third place medals for their class and division.

This registration link is for the August 15 stage of the series only.  The fourth and final stage!

Each stage is a sanctioned USA Archery/World Archery outdoor 720 round shot at single distances.  

Archers can qualify for USAA achievement pins as well as World Archery Performance Pins.

Who:  The Triple Crown Series is open to all archers who are members of USA Archery or have a temporary USA Archery membership.  (Recreational Membership Excluded)

NOTE:  If needed for space, lane assignments will include positions such as A,B,C, and D.  If you DO NOT want to shoot a bale at the same time as someone else, email me at [email protected]  

COVID-19 guidelines:  Bring a mask.  Social distancing is always in effect, and masks are required when social distancing is not possible.  This includes, but not limited to, entering the building to use the restrooms. 

Sessions are available by distance and target face:

  • The 8 am session is for Recurve archers shooting 70 and 60 meters as well as Compound archers shooting 50 meters.
  • The noon session is for Recurve and Barebow archers shooting 50 and 30 meters as well as Compound archers shooting 25 and 30 meters. 
  • Recurve and Barebow archers shoot 122 cm target faces while Compound archers shoot 80 cm 6 rings.   Archers who are shooting pin qualifiers only will be assigned a date based on lane availability.  These lanes are limited.

Fee:  $45 for each stage


  • Arrive early enough for bow assembly and inspection (recommended 45 minutes)
  • Pre-shoot meeting 15 minutes BEFORE practice begins. 
  • Three practice ends followed by 12 ends of six arrows shot per end. 
  • There will be two lines with approximately 40 archers per session.
  • There will be a 15 minute break at the half.
  • Bring extra arrows.  When scoring is done, shooting will resume.  The search for any missed arrows will wait due to time constraints.

USAA Dress Code is expected. 

Bring your own pop-up/canopy and chairs.   There is no food available on site.

Cancelation policy:  Registration for the fourth and final stage of the Triple Crown Series closes end of day Monday, August 9.  Cancelations received prior to August 5 will receive a reduced refund due to processing fees.  No cancelations allowed after August 5.  Any registration requests received after August 9 will require a late fee of $15.  

Weather policy:  Competition does not cancel due to rain or wind.  If the heat index reaches 105 F, shooting will cease, and scores submitted as they stand.  If there is a lightning strike within 10 miles, everyone must leave the field immediately.  You can go into the archery building or to your car.  Shooting will resume 45 minutes after the most recent strike.  This process will repeat until sundown if necessary.  At sundown, scores will be submitted as they stand.





Pioneer Sportsmen Club, 21 Farrington Corner Road, Dunbarton, New Hampshire, United States of America, 03046


[email protected]


+1 774 307 9057

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End Date:



Barebow (Recurve), Compound and Recurve

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