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CA Beach Cup ~ 2021

CA Beach Cup ~ 2021

72 arrow qualifying round Saturday

Single Elimination Sunday

Location: El Dorado Park Archery Range,  7550 E. Spring St. Long Beach, CA.

*Become the first ever California Olympic Round Cadet/Junior Champion for the highest ranked archer who shoots both Beach Cup competitions, including the Jr. Beach Cup and CA Beach Cup.  

Friday, Aug. 13th              4:00 – 6:00pm                 Unofficial Practice and early opportunity for Check-in & Equipment Inspection.  

                                             Avoid the long equipment check line Saturday by checking in on Friday.  Dress code is in effect at this time.


Saturday, Aug. 14th        7:00 am                         Gates Open
                                                                                       Check-in & Equipment Inspection 

                                          8:00 am                         Senior/Master/Compound/Barebow - Qualification  72 arrows
                                                                                       Practice - 3 ends

                                         1:00 pm                         Junior/Cadet Qualification  72 arrows
                                                                                       Practice - 3 ends



Sunday, Aug. 15th        7:00 am                         Gates Open

                                        8:00 am                         Senior/Master/Compound/Barebow - Individual Elimination Rounds 
visions will start at different times based on their size. 
                                                                                             Gold and Bronze medals matches held simultaneously.

                                        1:00 pm                         Junior/Cadet - Individual Elimination Rounds 
visions will start at different times based on their size. 
                                                                                             Gold and Bronze medals matches held simultaneously.
 *Awards presentation for each division held right after their medal matches finish.  Must be present to receive award or designate someone to receive award for you.*


  Our goal is to run the tournament timing as close as possible to this schedule, however, weather delays, appeals, and/or other situations may arise beyond our control. The event organizers reserve the right to modify the tournament format, as necessary. 

Recurve Olympic Round   - 70m on 122cm target face; Masters and Cadets - 60m on 122cm target face           

Compound Match Play  - 50m on 80cm 6 ring target face 

Barebow Olympic Round - 50m on 122cm target face         


Rules: USA Archery Dress Code and all USA & World Archery rules apply.  Visit and for complete rules.

Personal coaches are restricted to the spectator area during scoring.


Fee:      $75.00  Registration closes July 31, 2021

REFUNDS:    by July 31, 2021.  There is a 30% administrative fee assessed for all refunds.  Sport 80 and Stripe fees are non-refundable.  No refunds after July 31, 2021.

Eligibility: All competitors must have a current USA Archery Full Membership or a temporary membership for a single one event tournament. NFAA members must obtain a temporary membership for no cost from the USArchery website. 


We are working to ensure that we have the best and most accurate information as we seek to coordinate with the local government regarding COVID-19 protocols in relation to archery events.  We are excited to host this tournament for you but will be required to have safety precautions in place.   We continue to work with the most current information available.

Notes for Planning Your Experience at the Event and Travel:

  • In the case of event cancellation, if booking flights, we recommend booking with the insurance option, looking for hotels with flexible cancellation and refund policies or that do not require pre-payment. 
  • If you have been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, stay home.  If you are feeling unwell, have a fever or cough, stay home.  If you are traveling from an area that has a high density of cases and/or has restrictions against travel, it is advised to stay home.  High risk and immunocompromised individuals are also encouraged to stay home.
  • If you have a temperature of 100.4F or higher, do not enter the venue.  If you feel well or are unsure, please be sure to have your temperature checked by a medical professional.
  • We are taking every precaution to operate a safe tournament event with the protocols provided.    

    • Archers will be spaced two archers per target, shooting one at a time (A/B format), with targets adequately spaced from each other.  Archers will be asked to remain at least 6 feet apart at all times. 

    • Archers will be welcome to enter the field no earlier than one hour prior to their assigned shooting time, when informed it is safe to do so.  Archers and spectators will be asked to leave as soon as possible following the completion of shooting sessions to allow for adequate sanitizing of shared-touch areas and to ensure no overlap in attendance.  Archers may only be at the venue during the designated shooting time for their division.  

    • There will be sanitizing stations throughout the venue. While high touch areas will be sanitized regularly, archers are encouraged to take care and sanitize often. 

    • To prevent groups gathering after the competition rounds, staff will collect scorecards at the target bale.  

    • Archers, spectators, and support persons will be required to participate in a screening prior to entering the field venue. The screening will ask about common COVID-19 symptoms and exposure concerns. The tournament staff will require archers, spectators, and support persons to consent to have their temperature taken by a contactless device before entering the field. Upon completion of screening and a recorded temperature under 100.4 the individual will be given a wrist band to be worn while on the field. Failure to do so will result in removal from the tournament and the field. 

    • Attendees should bring their own masks and will be required to follow local PPE mandates.  Additional masks will be available for purchase, and masks will be provided to the staff and support personnel.  

    • Masks/face coverings may be disposable or reusable.  At this time, based on guidance from health authorities, neck gaitors, triangle bandanas open on the bottom, face shields, face coverings containing valves, mesh material (or material with holes of any kind) are not acceptable face coverings.

    • Archers will not be required to wear masks while actively shooting but will be worn when waiting, and scoring.  At the end of the tournament, archers should clean up and sanitize themselves.  

    • Spectators and support personnel are required to wear masks while on the premises,  This applies to all adults and to children 2 years of age and older. 

    • Hand washing stations will be available as well as sanitizing stations.

    • Scoring will be double scoring on paper only and each archer will be assigned a personal clipboard.  

    • Athletes will submit the scorecards into a wagon at their target at the conclusion of the day.

    • Pre-Tournament announcements will be sent via email through the registration software (Sport80) and any additional announcements will be made via PA system located at the Director of Shooting area. 

    • Any patron, who refuses to adhere to the safety protocols after one warning is asked to leave the property immediately.

    • Questions and concerns may still be brought to the Director of Shooting area which will have a plexiglass barrier between staff and attendees.   

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we work with the athlete's health as a priority.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]  




El Dorado Park Archery Range, 7550 E. Spring St., Long Beach, California, United States of America, 90815


[email protected]


+1 5620000000

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Barebow (Recurve), Compound and Recurve

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