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2019 Northern Region Indoor Championships

Event Type: USA Archery Sanctioned/World Archery STAR Event

Event Classification: Regional

Event Duration: 2 Day Event; You shoot both days

Line times: 9 am, 2 pm

Cost: $50

Local Hotel Info: Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 400 Stevenson Highway Troy MI. 48083 Located 2 miles south of venue.

This event will feature Live scoring.

The Northern Region Indoor Championships is a 2 day STAR FITA Indoor tournament and part of the Northern Region Championship Series. We will be using USA Archery shooting categories, and distance requirements. All age groups are based on age as of 12/31/2019. Archers will shoot either a 3 spot or a single 40cm target face. 

USA Archery dress code and equipment classifications will be applied. 

You will shoot two games each day for a total possible score of 1200. Compound shoots the small 10. Recurve gets big 10. Archers do not change target positions at the half. All divisions will shoot at 18m except for yeoman who will shoot at 9m. 

Archers must shoot the same line on both days. 

Group Events are scheduled for Saturday night. TBA

The Northern Archery Association is a collection of organizers working to provide world class World Archery Field and Target Archery Tournaments with reasonable pricing and locations within a day’sdrive from the Northern Archery competitor concentrations. Although the NAA adheres to the rules of World Archery and USA Archery, it is no way connected politically or financially to either. It is an entity entirely on its own, and derives funding solely by the proceeds from Northern Region Tournaments.

It was founded in 1970 in Indiana, and was formerly named the Northern Region Archery Association, and also formerly the Midwestern Archery Association.  (This is why you’ll see references to the “Northern Region” from time to time.  It’s this group.)

The Northern Region States include; North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana.

The “Northern Region Championship Series” is the three-part aggregate multi-format combined annual championship by the Northern Archery Association.

The challenge to archers is to compete in all three major archery formats, with winners being those who rank highly in all of the disciplines.

Officially, the archer with the most points after all three events is the Northern Region Shooter of the Year. Specific awards are available for this prestigious achievement.




Rising Phoenix Archery, 3863 Rochester Road, Troy, Michigan, United States of America, 48083



+1 248-602-2885

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Barebow (Recurve), Collegiate Bowhunter, Compound and Recurve

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