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Georgia Cup

Tournament Format

  • Each archer will shoot a 72 arrow qualification round (12 ends of 6 arrows)

  • Distances and target faces determined by USA Archery Event Reference Guidebook, pg. 13. Also a great resource for all new archers.

  • Unsure about age divisions, check FAQ

Cadet, JR, SR and Masters divisions will go on to shoot Individual Elimination Rounds on Sunday. Divisions may be combined in brackets based on participation. Awards will be determined by Elimination Rounds and will be presented after competition on Sunday

Barebow Cadet – 50 meters (122 cm)
Barebow Junior – 50 meters (122 cm)

Recurve Cadet – 60 meters (122 cm)
Recurve Junior – 70 meters (122 cm)
Recurve Senior – 70 meters (122 cm)
Recurve Master – 60 meters (122 cm)

Compound Cadet – 50 meters (80-cm, 6-ring face)
Compound Junior– 50 meters (80-cm, 6-ring face)
Compound Senior– 50 meters (80-cm, 6-ring face)
Compound Master– 50 meters (80-cm, 6-ring face)

Cub, Bowman and Yeoman divisions will shoot only shoot the Qualification round on Saturday. Awards will be presented following qualification rounds on Saturday for Yeoman – Cub divisions

Barebow Yeoman* – 20 meters (122 cm)
Barebow Bowman– 30 meters (122 cm)
Barebow Cub– 30 meters (122 cm)

Recurve Yeoman* – 20 meters (122 cm)
Recurve Bowman– 30 meters (122 cm)
Recurve Cub – 50 meters (122 cm)

Compound Yeoman* – 20 meters (80-cm, 6-ring face)
Compound Bowman– 25 meters (80-cm, 6-ring face)
Compound Cub– 30 meters (80-cm, 6-ring face)




Earl O'Neal Sport Complex, 2709 Old Covington Rd NE, Conyers, Georgia, United States of America, 30013



+1 7706391732

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Barebow (Recurve), Compound and Recurve

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