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Level 4 Coach Course

Course Overview
The Virtual Level 4-NTS Coach Certification Course is an intense course focusing on the intricacies and details of the National Training System for Compound and Recurve with additional sessions on Coaching, Biomechanics, and Sports Science. Level 4-NTS certification is awarded to those participants who fully complete the course work, successfully pass the written and practical exam. The practical exam consists of demonstrating and explaining the steps of the National Training System (NTS), describing coaching methods and a coaching strategy for example archers.

The Level 4-NTS course will be held over a 6-7 week period through Zoom and our online USA Archery Education Hub. The course will be consists of:

  • 9-10 live sessions that will be approximately 2.5 hours in duration
  • 1.5 hour breakout sessions two times per week. Break out sessions will be scheduled the same day or the day after the live sessions and at varying times.
  • Homework assignments will be assigned including online work.
  • Online Final Exam
  • Practical Exam
  • Live sessions will be recorded if you miss a session or want to review a session afterwards.

Live sessions will feature lecture, Q&A, breakout sessions, and practical exercises. We will try to maintain a 1:5 coach trainer to student ratio for the course for breakout session. Coach Trainers helping with the course will also have an additional 1-2 hours available each week for “office hours”.

Prior to each session, students will need to complete pre-session assignments and post session homework assignments. All students will need access to a computer with a video and microphone either integrated into the computer or connected.

Course Schedule
Tentatively, live sessions will start at 4pm ET/3pm CT/2pm MT/1pm PT in most instances. Breakout sessions will start at 4pm ET, 5pm ET, 6pm ET, 7pm ET, 8pm ET, 9pm ET or 10pm ET.


Tentatively, live sessions will take place on the following days and cover the following information:

  • September 18 - Course Introduction and Feedback - Guy Krueger
  • September 20 - National Training System 1(Kisik Lee)
  • September 25 - National Training System 2 (Kisik Lee)
  • September 27 - National Training System 3 (Kisik Lee)
  • October 2 - Compound NTS and Teaching Technical Skills
  • October 4 - Motor Learning and Coaching Techniques
  • October 9 - Training Plan Design
  • October 11 - Training Activity Design
  • October 16 - Improving Performance
  • October 18 - Review
  • October 23 - Online Exam and Practical Exams
  • October 23-Nov 8 - Practical Exams

*Note: These days may change.

Certification Completion

  • Students will need to do the following to successfully complete the course and receive the Level 4-NTS Certification:
  • Pass both the online exam with 70% or higher.
  • Pass the practical exam
  • Complete all assignments and session quizzes.
  • Complete all other requirements and prerequisites

The practical examination will consists of demonstrating, explaining and teaching the details of each step of the National Training System to a Coach Trainer and the Head National Coach. During this time, coaches are expected to clearly recall, explain, and demonstrate each step of the shot process. On average the entire practical process should take approximately 30 minutes per person. 


  • Be 20 years of age or older.
  • Level 3-NTS certification for 8 months or more is required to be eligible to register.
  • Must complete the new Level 3 Online course prior to registering. Current Level 3 and higher coaches can access this online course for free. If you need to access it, please contact Guy Krueger at [email protected]

Level 4-NTS certification is awarded to those participants who fully complete the course work, successfully pass the written and practical exams. The practical exam consists of demonstrating the National Training System (NTS) using a stretch-band or light weight bow.

For questions on the course, contact:  Guy Krueger at [email protected]

Space is limited

Cancellation policy
    •     Any cancellations 71 days or more before the beginning of the camp will result in a 15% cancellation fee. Any cancellations made with in 70 days of the camp will result in a 75% cancellation fee.

  • If the staging of the event should be prevented or canceled due to an act of God, strike, government action or decree, inclement weather, pandemic, government travel restrictions or for any reason beyond the control of USA Archery, USA Archery will reimburse participants for the registration fee minus any Stripe Processing fees.

Course fees:

U.S. participants = registration fees $650.00.

All International guests - $1100.00


Level 4-NTS Coach Certification Course




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